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Episode 3, Hot Takes with Maz & Wheelz

by | Mar 15, 2023

This Video Series was recorded by Exertis Almo's Business Development Managers: 
Dan Mazurkiewicz, DSCE, and Liz Wheeler, DSCE.

“Hot Takes” with Maz & Wheelz – a video series of conversations about LED technology.

Episode 3 of “Hot Takes” with Maz & Wheelz! This episode with Exertis Almo’s Business Development Managers, Daniel Mazurkiewicz and Liz Wheeler, has a few ‘hot takes’ from guest Jonathan Brawn, Principal at Brawn Consulting, on the ease and convenience of the All-in-One LED solutions.

Watch to listen in on their conversation!

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Liz Wheeler

Liz Wheeler | DSCE

Business Development Manager


Supported Manufacturers: Samsung Pro (NE, SE, MW)

Dan Mazurkiewicz

Dan Mazurkiewicz | DSCE

Business Development Manager


Supported Manufacturers: Samsung Pro (SW, West, NW)

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