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Improvements Outside of the Guestroom

Improvements Outside of the Guestroom

All parts of the country are seeing warm weather now, which means no matter where you are, it could be time to upgrade your outdoor spaces. We are currently stocked up on many items to bring new life to your outdoor spaces for your guests.

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Breaking Down DVLED part 5 – First Things First

Part 4: First Things Frist Topic: The importance of proper site prep.I remember working in the garage as a kid with my dad, and it seemed like 80%...

Adapting to Company Change: Opportunities for personal and collective growth

Written by Exertis Almo BDM's Darren Altman, CTS, DSCE & Andrew Giacobbe.Three AV industry experts, Darren Altman, BDM II - Technical Specialist...

Behind the Panel: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks, or: How I Learned to Study Again!

For this edition of “Behind the Panel”, Pat Booth delves into something truly relevant to most of us in the AV world: studying and preparing to take the CTS Exam. CTS (Certified Technology Specialist) is a certification process given out by AVIXA that is the industry standard in Pro AV…

Elevating the Guest Experience: Samsung Hospitality TVs

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving hospitality industry, providing an exceptional guest experience is paramount. Every element of a guest's stay...

Edition 7 of “This May Be a Dumb Question, but…” – Audio 101

Blog Series written by Exertis Almo's Ashley Nichols, CTS, DSCE & John Borns, CTS, DSCE. Welcome to Issue 7 of “This may be a dumb question,...

The Multi-Use Video Wall

There was a time in the not so recent past, when the technology, design, and installation of video walls was financially out of reach of the average...

Hydrate Yourself with a Thirst for Knowledge

Get to know the Hows, the Whys, and the Benefits of seeking out the Proper Certifications and Learning Opportunities in the latest blog from Rob Voorhees, CTS, CTP, DSCE, CTNS, Dante — Business Development Manager at Exertis Almo.

Where’d The Customer Service Go?

Have you noticed a decline in customer service throughout the past few years? Nate Dwelly, Exertis Almo BDM, has a few suggestions that, in his opinion, may be the cause of the shift in attitude and a few tips on how we can avoid making the same mistake.

Projectors vs. Displays: Audio-Visual Solutions for Equitable Hybrid Learning Environments

Over the past few years, hybrid learning has quickly become the new normal in a variety of educational spaces. In order to accommodate the needs of...

Xilica…Not a new drug but very addictive!

Exertis Almo exclusive partner, Xilica, features conference products for medium and larger spaces, as well as DSP to fit most any application. Where some try to create their own ecosystem, Xilica has an adaptive approach for the conference space that works in harmony with other products to fit most applications with ease.

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