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Understanding Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace

Understanding Invisible Disabilities in the Workplace

Not all disabilities are readily apparent. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) describes a disability as any condition, physical or mental, neurological, or cognitive that may cause considerable impairment when performing major life activities. In her final blog, Corinne O’Rawe shares a personal experience with “invisible disabilities” that we can all learn from.

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Exciting New QSR Solutions from LG

Exciting New QSR Solutions from LG

Enjoy this gamified Exertis Almo ProAV Podcast video with guests Michael Ha and David Boerlin (from LG) + Jennifer Fisher (BDM at Exertis Almo) discussing Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) technologies including AI, automated POS, robots, and LG digital signage – including LG’s new Self-ordering Kiosk.

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Behind the Panel: Cables, Cables, Everywhere!!

Behind the Panel: Cables, Cables, Everywhere!!

When it comes to setting up an audio or video system, choosing the right cables is crucial. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper imports or consumer cables, investing in professional audio and video cables can make all the difference in terms of performance, durability, and reliability. In this installment of “Behind the Panel,” Patrick Booth DSCE, unpacks the benefits of choosing wisely.

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Pro AV Posts

All About DVLED Mounts with Peerless-AV’s Megan Zeller

In this videocast with guest Megan Zeller, Sr Director Business Development at Peerless-AV, we cover the company’s history, bespoke mount production, and what you need to know about installing mounts for digital signage like this stunning DVLED video wall.

Staying in Touch

Find out about the latest touch technologies, and how Exertis Almo’s new partnership with MicroTouch will help integrators provide a variety of touch-enabled displays that are being used in various applications, including self-service, classroom learning, interactive gaming and entertainment, digital wayfinding, lobby directories, control systems, POS systems, automotive, corporate boardrooms, and more.

Breaking Down DVLED part 3 – Perfect Pitch

In part 3 of Breaking Down DVLED, Tom Keefe explains some factors, such as pixel pitch, that are critical for the integrator to get right the first time to ensure a successful Direct View LED installation. If a client is dropping six figures on a DVLED display, It is sometimes tempting or even necessary to fit the solution into the budget. However, with DVLED walls, the repercussions of selecting a pixel pitch that is too large to fit into a customer’s budget could be dire.

Ingress Protection: the other IP of AV

When you hear the letters “IP“, most people probably think of Internet Protocol, Intellectual Property, or maybe even Innings Pitched. in this blog, Gerry Aubrey, DSCE, will be referring to Ingress Protection, or how well an electrical enclosure can protect from the penetration of dust and moisture…

Edition 5 of “This May Be a Dumb Question, but…”

This blog series by Exertis Almo BDMs – Ashley Nichols, CTS, DSCE, and John Borns, CTS, DSCE – is intended as a safe space for people of all experience levels to ask “dumb” questions, and get understandable and useful answers. Ed. 5 “Rack City” covers what you need to know to choose the best size and type of AV rack for your next project.

Bringing Harman-ies Outdoors

Rob Voorhees, BDM at Exertis Almo, chats with Dave Tewksbury, Product and Applications Sales Support at Harman Pro Solutions about the “wide encompassing” topic of outdoor audio and some impressive innovations.

Education Opportunities at E4 Experience

Tom Kehr, CTS-D, CTS-I, Network+, LEED Green Associate, ISF-C, ATD Master Trainer, reveals some of the educational and culinary opportunities available at the E4 Experience regional trade shows – while poking fun at the travel expenses and hassles associated with going to a “big” trade show.

5 Keys to Selecting a New Projector

When it comes to producing large displayed images of 100” or more, projection technology is the front runner when it comes to cost, ease of installation, and system maintenance over time. Other than brightness, what are five key considerations when selecting your next projector?

Overcoming Security Threats: In-Room Collaboration Technology

With the increase in hybrid collaboration following the pandemic, cybersecurity is at the forefront of everyone’s mind, especially in office meeting spaces and conference rooms with a great amount of traffic throughout the day – team members and guests included.

Behind the Panel: Navigating Direct View LED Mounts

In this installment of “Behind the Panel,” Patrick Booth DSCE, helps you navigate the process of assessing and selecting the best mounts for Direct View LED installs.

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