SMART Hotel-Room Solutions: In-Room Experiences with an At-Home Feel

by | Jun 25, 2024

SMART Hotel-Room Solutions<br />
In-Room Experiences with an At-Home Feel

SMART devices are an essential part of staying connected, especially in today’s fast-paced reality. More and more, guests are looking for seamless technology solutions in their hotel rooms — technology that meets or exceeds their expectations. From charging stations to streaming services, hotels have the opportunity to provide an in-room experience that feels like home, only better. Let’s explore the latest SMART hotel-room solutions, perfect for enhancing the overall guest experience.

Rest, Relax, Recharge:

Provide guests with continuous charging for every device, all at once. Whether it’s a single phone or five separate devices, your guests should have every opportunity to power-up during their stay. Leading brands, like NonStop, offer a wide range of innovative charging solutions, designed specifically for hotel rooms:

NonStopStation P

As an all-in-one solution, this universal charging station is the perfect hub for ALL of your guests’ devices. This station features:

  • QI-Wireless Charging Pad
  • Dual USB-C and USB-A Charging Ports
  • Dual AC Sockets
  • Braided Cable
  • Security C-Clamp

Learn more about NonStop charging solutions »

Personalized and Powerful Viewing:

The evolution of SMART-TVs has redefined the meaning of in-room service and entertainment. With these recent innovations, you can send personalized messaging to individual guest room TVs, push real-time information like weather, hotel events, and guest amenities, and streamline in-room activities, such as check-out, in-room dining, and program selection. In addition, providing your guests with access to a wide range of entertainment options and streaming services has never been easier. Brands like Samsung and LG are leading the way in SMART in-room TVs, and their solutions are sure to impress.

Samsung In-Room SMART TVs

Samsung’s Pro TV series is designed specifically for hotels. Key features include:

  • Crystal UHD Display: Guests can enjoy stunning visuals with Samsung’s high-resolution displays.
  • Smart Hub: Access popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime directly from the TV.
  • Customizable Welcome Screen: Leave a lasting impression with personalized welcome messages and hotel-specific branding.

Explore Samsung’s Guest-Room TVs »


LG’s hotel-room TVs provide exceptional entertainment options for guests. Features include:

  • Pro:Centric Smart: LG’s platform allows hotels to customize content, provide local information, and offer interactive services, while allowing guests streaming options.
  • Ultra HD Display: Guests can enjoy vivid, eye-catching colors and sharp images.
  • Energy-Efficient: LG TVs are designed to be eco-friendly and cost effective.

Learn more about LG’s Guest-Room TVs »

Innovation that Leaves a Lasting Impression  

SMART hotel room solutions are essential for providing guests with an exceptional in-room experience. Whether it’s wireless charging or state-of-the-art TVs, hotels that invest in these technologies will create memorable stays for their guests, and keep them coming back for more.

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