Connecting the Dots in the Drone Solutions Category

Oftentimes, AV integrators do not readily understand the connection with Drone Solutions, or why they should be interested. Once they connect the dots, the value proposition is clear, and then it just becomes a discussion at the executive level on how best to move forward. 

The bottom line is that commercial drone use is expanding at an accelerated growth rate, and it is a safe bet that at least 10-20% of an AV integrator’s current customers are already using commercial drones to accomplish a variety of different commercial tasks – purchased through other channels. That would equal anywhere from $50K to $300K or more in annual sales that could be incorporated into an AV integrator’s business, simply by having the conversation with their customer to understand if they are using commercial drones and letting those customers know they could purchase the product from them.

Based on the current state of the market, those customers are in 1 of 2 stages – either exploring the adoption of a drone program or expanding/updating equipment for a current program.  If they are exploring adoption, then an experienced AV integration company that they already do business with and trust can become their go-to source for this new and confusing technology with our help, if needed.  If they are in a product refresh cycle or expanding, then an AV integrator that they already know and trust can provide the necessary product on a consolidated purchase order.

Getting involved in the Drone Solutions category is a low-cost way to enter this new market with significant demonstrated growth and opportunity.  We are here to help AV integrators get their feet on the ground in this area by providing subject matter expertise and content training to help quickly bring an integrator up to speed. 

The Drone Solutions category is meant to provide a one-stop shop for experienced and novice integrators to find relevant manufacturers that have products associated with solutions that their end-users are looking for.  The Drone Solutions category brings together the various relevant drone hardware manufacturers, along with the needed addons like software for data analysis, potential Command and Control options (think traditional AV tech), and associated services, like training, into an environment where they can all be put on one purchase order.

Contact your Exertis Almo account manager today to let them know you are interested in learning more about this exciting opportunity.

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