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3 Ways LG Commercial Displays Compare to Major League Baseball

Everyone wants to hit their business opportunities out of the park – and LG’s newest commercial displays can help make this possible! Given that we are in the midst of summer, it only makes sense to compare how LG displays are like one of greatest games on Earth…you guessed it! Major League Baseball.

#1 There’s something for everyone to enjoy at the ballpark

Going to a baseball game is enjoyable for all ages with so much to do beyond just watching the actual ball game. There’s the food and beverage vendors, people watching, pre-game activity and post-game fireworks. Each team has its own unique chant, song or something special to make the overall experience fun and satisfying for everyone.

Much the same, LG provides a major league experience with a wide array of commercial displays. From flat to curved OLED, to Wallpaper OLED, Videowalls, 4K product and LED offerings to high bright, transparent and easily installed “run and done” outdoor solutions.  The cutting edge 88-Inch LG Ultra stretch (86BH5C) and 55-in LG Ultra Bright Video Wall Displays (55VH1D) were also part of the entirely new line of products for the U.S. Market, showcased at INFOCOMM 2017.

For the most important locations, LG’s OLED displays provide the best brightness and contrast. Viewers get a broad viewing angle without loss of color. The displays are amazingly thin, so they can fit almost anywhere. OLED displays can even come in double-sided form, so people walking by on both sides can read it. Or you can throw the customers a curve they’ll love, with a curved display to get notice from all sides. They’ll make a hit every time.


LG Curved OLED



Backlit LED displays fill out the lineup. LG LED monitors are available in a broad range of sizes, so high-resolution displays can go anywhere and everywhere.

And don’t forget LG’s key differentiator: IPS Technology. IPS Technology provides color accuracy beyond compare and the “stable panel” provides for zero image distortion. IPS wide viewing angels are not only technologically important, but provide you opportunity for more time to deliver a message to customers.

#2 Baseball is not a fast game

Baseball games take time. Extra innings, rain delays, recalled plays – yep, we all watched Game 7 in the 2016 World Series…all 4.5 hours…a nail-biter that lasted well past our bedtimes.

Not every hit has to be a home run. Wouldn’t you like to “walk” your customer and give them an additional five seconds to retain your messaging?


in retail revenue alone

Customer experience can


Research has indicated that today’s


who are driving decisions

20% MORE

for a better retail experience

Are you enjoying your virtual baseball analogy within the world of digital signage?  While enjoying the game, we all want to enhance the experience. “Peanuts, Popcorn, Cracker Jack, Content Management Software (CMS)?”

Enhance your digital signage opportunities with an essential component of digital signage.  You may find that CMS can not only influence, but dictate the hardware selection of your customers in the same manner as the smell of popcorn may influence your decision to purchase a snack.

#3 Understanding the rules of the game

Not everyone is an MVP but together we are all an important part of the team.   With ALMO PRO AV and LG in your “dugout” you have everything you need all the players you need to have a winning team.

“Progress always involves risks. You can’t steal second base and keep your foot on first.”

Frederick B. Wilcox

You’re in the major league now. Don’t bunt – Aim out of the ballpark with LG.   Take advantage of LG’s “Best in Class” 3% discount for government, education, medial and house of worship sales on select commercial grade displays now through the end of 2017.

And as the dedicated business development manager at LG, I welcome an opportunity to become a part of your team.  Contact me at [email protected] to learn more about LG’s state of the art products, programs and promotions.

Share in the comments how you’ve incorporated LG displays into your installations and you could earn a $5 Starbucks gift card!

Louisville Airport Gets Makeover in Time for Derby, Except One Terrible Video Wall

As a proud Kentucky native, I look forward to the Kentucky Derby every year. The hats, the pageantry, the mint juleps, the horses – it’s all just an incredible spectacle for the best 2:30 (approx.) seconds in sports. For your information Secretariat ran it in less than 2 minutes and that record has never been broken. This year, the Louisville Airport unveiled its newly renovated space with EVERYTHING you think of when you think Kentucky including:

Race Horses


The original celebrity chef himself Colonel Sanders

And finally Bourbon (I’m not sure what the book is all about….)

As a point of interest, Jack Daniels is not technically Bourbon, its made in Tennessee. “Bourbon needs to be produced in America and made from 51 percent corn, and whisky does not,” says Maker’s Mark Master Distiller Greg Davis. Bourbon also needs to be stored in new charred-oak barrels, whereas whiskey barrels do need to be oak but not new or charred. “Lastly, to be called bourbon, the liquid needs to be distilled to no more than 160 proof and entered into the barrel at 125.” For other whiskies the liquid must be distilled to no more than 190 proof. David notes that this isn’t just common practice — “it’s actual bourbon law.”

Now that you’ve had your bourbon lesson, now you are wondering what this has to do with audio visual or digital signage? Well they have installed some beautiful looking LED displays that replaced a hideous burned out bunch of Pioneer plasmas (sorry Pioneer I loved you very much). And oh yes, Muhammed Ali is from Kentucky.

However, leering in the shadows of the exit to the main terminal past security is a long forgotten video wall that is in dire need of calibration, new panels or something. I’m not a technical person so I would love for someone to propose a solution because it drives me CRAZY every time I go to visit my mother.

After a multi-million dollar renovation, why would they leave this eye sore, especially since they are getting ad revenue? Would someone please go pitch them a new video wall? Here’s a blog from our own John Wills about video wall refresh projects.

Tune into the Derby the first Saturday in May! I will be watching at home in my fancy hat and mint julep in hand -with real bourbon of course!

Building Customer Connections Through Technology Show and Tell

As a product manager in Pro AV Sales, or any type of sales, really, it’s critical to be able to connect with your customers.  While establishing a relationship using only the telephone is not impossible, I’ve discovered that connections and rapport can be made more quickly and become much stronger in-person.  A great way to personally connect with partners and resellers in the Pro AV world is through technology training and product roadshows.  It’s a great way to say, “check this new gadget out” and “thank you for your business!”

At Almo PRO AV we bring the future of AV to you via our E4 AV Tour.  These one-day events, held in different cities across the country offer product exhibit halls, educational classes for CTS renewal units, demonstrations, and one-on-one engagement with our Almo Pro AV Business Development Managers and their respective manufacturers.

For me… it’s all about LG!


At our most recent E4 AV Tour stop in Boson, Commercial Integrator Magazine named LG a leading manufacturer with “Standout Products” for its OLED technology, suggested to be “one of the most eye-catching displays on the exhibit floor.”

IMG_0723 IMG_0724

LG’s 4K dual-sided OLED straight displays are available now.  The curved models are coming late this month.

At the end of September, Almo sponsored an invitation-only reseller event at the LG Business Innovation Center in Lincolnshire, IL.  Approximately 25 resellers attended this event and enjoyed in-person training on LG’s exclusive OLED, IPS technology and a private tour of the facility.  Product demonstrations showcased a full assortment of LG products, including LG Stretch, 4k, OLED dual side and curved models, video walls and the soon to be released 98” display.  Steve Stacy, Almo’s VP of Sales for the Midwest and Northwest Regions delivered a summary presentation on Almo’s Value Add services such as Content Management, Installation and Connectivity.

25 19

Our events provide hand-on technical training as a component of social learning and partner collaboration.  I look forward to building new partnerships and strengthening the existing ones in a comfortable, friendly setting that opens lines of communication.

Looking ahead, the Almo E4 AV Tour makes its final stop in 2016 on Tuesday Dallas in the Lone Star State.  As we wind down the year we’re continuing to plan new and exciting ways to bring our partners and resellers emerging technologies.

A Video Wall Should Aim to Show “The Big Picture”

IncheonAirport_OLEDSignage_02 (1)The popularity of video walls in in the Pro/AV industry is exploding.  The market is competitive and selecting the best video wall solution may feel overwhelming.  Video walls can be configured in an infinite range of shapes, sizes and technology.  With LG’s Commercial Display Portfolio that targets all vertical markets you can create stunning video walls that are easily installed, maintained and managed.  LG offers a Commercial Display Portfolio that targets all vertical markets.

Most of us are comfortable talking about LCD (liquid crystal display) flat panels.   We see this technology every day in computer monitors, smart phones and TVs.  They are cost effective and high resolution.  This makes displaying text images and video aesthetically pleasing. Typically though, their bezel width is visible, so when you are creating a video wall, the “big picture” is far from seamless.

Direct view LED panels are bezel free, so you can create different configurations for a seamless video wall.  They are great for large scale digital signage solutions due to their efficiency, reliability, refresh rates and color accuracy.

CommDisplay_OLED_v1_300x250 BannerOLED or “Organic Light Emitting Diod’s” are solid state devices made up of thin films of organic molecules that glow when an electric current is introduced.  When the light passes through the layers, it produces spectacular high definition images.   LG’s perfect OLED design has only two layers, making their digital signage display unbelievably light-weight and incredibly thin; 4.5 mm at its thinnest point.

Image Gap reduction from LG provides a beautiful, crisp clear picture… without image distortion.

As the content moves from one screen to another, and the picture is shared across multiple screens, look to LG for the distortion-free “BIG PICTURE” every time.

Enhancing Fan Experience Using LFD


Being in the Pro Av arena for 10 years there is really not much that I haven’t seen. You would think by now I wouldn’t be the person walking behind a LCD panel in a store or restaurant to see what mount is being used or what type of ceiling accessory it has…..well, you would be wrong! Yes, I am still that person! Just yesterday I received a text message with a picture from my niece while she was at Petco Stadium watching the Padres vs Diamondbacks game, instead of commenting on her experience my first response was “I love that stadium! I was part of their original AV renovation project in the early 2000’s”! Again, I am that person.

With that said, while there is not much in the AV arena I haven’t seen, there is still a TON that impresses me!  Living in Chicago I have access to some of the most historic arenas and stadiums equipped with the best AV systems money can buy.  Last month I had the privilege of going to the United Center to see Adele perform live. While I’ve been to the United Center numerous times over the last year, no other experience compared to this for me.  I walk through the doors on July 13th and see the 35’ x 9’ curved video wall with no other than, yes, you guessed it, Adele!  I was smiling from ear to ear and most definitely felt like a newbie in the AV industry. I am a huge fan. =)

Adele VideoWallAs with many sporting events and concerts, signage was everywhere! Visitors of the United Center can see 64, 42 inch flat panel displays throughout the 100 level concourses, not to mention LED boards inside each of the four main gate entrances.

AdeleI feel very lucky to be part of a great industry like Pro Av! I get to help clients spec in products that enhance their customers experience in many different vertical markets. On July 13th I was just a patron benefiting from a truly immersive fan experience thanks to innovative, Pro Av solutions.

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