Hotel Room Hacks: Making the Most of Your Stay Away from Home

by | Nov 2, 2023

Hotel Room Hacks: Making the Most of Your Stay Away from Home

It’s time to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. Traveling means hotels, which can sometimes feel a bit impersonal. Here’s a list of hotel room “hacks” that will transform your temporary abode into a cozy and efficient space, ensuring your stay is nothing short of delightful.  

  • Hotels usually smell fresh and clean, but sometimes a familiar scent from home is what you need after a long day. By bringing a travel-sized essential oil diffuser, you can elevate and personalize your temporary space with comforting scents. Lavender can be particularly soothing after a long day of travel.
Turn Standard into Stylish
  • One way to make a standard hotel room more comfortable is by bringing your favorite blanket, pillow, or night light. It’s a simple way to personalize your space and make it feel more like home. Never underestimate the power of a few cozy touches!
Create a Charging Station
  • Running out of outlets for your devices? Plug a power strip into one outlet and transform it into a charging station for all your gadgets. No more difficult choices between charging your phone or laptop!
DIY Blackout Curtains 
  • If you need complete darkness to sleep, here’s a hack for you. Not all hotels have blackout curtains available for guests, but all you really need is a pant hanger. Use the clips to pinch the curtains together, ensuring no light can peep through the gaps. If you still need it darker in the room, you can always ask for an extra blanket. Just clip it to the curtains for an extra layer of coverage and enjoy your full nights sleep!
Self-Care Spa
    • Turn your hotel bathroom into a make-shift spa by packing a skincare mask, your favorite bath bomb or shower steamer, and anything else that makes you feel fully relaxed! Dim the lights, run a warm bath, and let the stress melt away. After, you can utilize the complimentary robes (or bring your own!), grab some fuzzy socks, and treat yourself to a well-deserved night in.
    Be Resourceful
    • Hotel rooms often have limited living space, so be sure make the most of it. Use the ironing board as an extra desk, nightstand, or elevated luggage rack. Pull the desk chair over to the window for a cozy reading nook with a view. You may have to pack lightly while traveling, but you don’t need to worry! Use complimentary items to DIY the items you didn’t pack. For example, you can use the provided paper cups to create a toothbrush holder; simply flip the cup, stick your toothbrush through the bottom, and you’re all set! There are endless possibilities in utilizing your hotel room’s space, so think outside the box and have fun with it.
    Your hotel room is more than just a place to rest your head, so make it work for you! With these simple hacks, you can transform any hotel room into a home away from home. Happy travels!

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