Episode 2, Hot Takes with Maz & Wheelz

by | Mar 8, 2023

This Video Series was recorded by Exertis Almo's Business Development Managers: 
Dan Mazurkiewicz, DSCE, and Liz Wheeler, DSCE.

Continuing “Hot Takes” with Maz & Wheelz – a video series of conversations about LED technology.

The 2nd episode with Exertis Almo’s Business Development Managers, Daniel Mazurkiewicz and Liz Wheeler, is all about total cost of ownership over time. Guest, Jonathan Brawn, Principal at Brawn Consulting, discusses considerations for choosing LED vs LCD vs Projection. What are the pros and cons you need to consider?

Watch to listen in on their conversation!

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Liz Wheeler

Liz Wheeler | DSCE

Business Development Manager


Supported Manufacturers: Samsung Pro (NE, SE, MW)

Dan Mazurkiewicz

Dan Mazurkiewicz | DSCE

Business Development Manager


Supported Manufacturers: Samsung Pro (SW, West, NW)

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