Everything You Need to Know About LG’s dvLED

by | Nov 10, 2022

Exertis Almo’s Pro AV Podcast with LG

In this episode of Exertis Almo’s Pro AV Podcast, Bruce Moses, Senior Account Manager of dvLED Products at LG, discusses everything you need to know about Direct View LED. From pixel pitch and viewing distance to budget considerations and maintenance, this episode provides a detailed introduction into the advanced technology behind LG’s dvLED.

As a top-quality choice for any kind of new build or replacement, dvLED is quickly becoming a go-to product in the Pro AV world. With simple installation and maintenance compared to traditional video walls, dvLED is being rapidly integrated in a variety of spaces.

“It’s a technology that’s been around for decades, but now, with the affordability and flexibility and range in product and pixel sizes we can apply it in almost any application,” explained Moses. “Whether it’s in Times Square or a super high-end home theater, we’re seeing direct view applied.”

Compared to standard video walls and LED displays, dvLED allows for more flexible decisions regarding pixel pitch, which determines the distance between each pixel on a display. While most users prefer a standard 4K resolution, dvLED encourages customers to choose their pixel pitch based on the expected viewing distance of a display. By catering to viewing distance, LG’s dvLED technology ensures that customers do not waste pixels when investing in a display, but instead, take the viewing distance into account.

136″ All-in-One DVLED Display: Bright, Brilliant, Breathtakingly Large Images

Rob Ziv

Along with unique options for pixel pitch, LG’s dvLED comes with a cost-conscious price tag. LG’s all-in-one products are delivered in a single flight case, including the mount, and with simple installation and maintenance, dvLED is now a less expensive investment compared to standard video walls. In the event of a malfunctioning panel on a video wall, this replacement involves a team of people with a full shut-down of the display. With dvLED displays, a panel replacement can be completed by a single person in a matter of minutes.

Moses discusses the impressive web OS technology incorporated into LG’s dvLED, along with the display’s ease-of-use and efficient maintenance. As a convenient built-in operating system, web OS allows users to access applications for menu boarding, digital signage, wayfinding, analytics, and much more.

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