Over the past 2+ years of my employment as Business Development Manager with Almo Professional A/V, I have heard countless “reasons” on why someone cannot sell Business Communications: “my current team doesn’t have a telecom background”, “we are maxed out with jobs right now” or my personal favorite “I’m a pro a/v integrator and that’s not what we do.”  Now I’m not saying these are bad “reasons”, however, for all of those out there who recognize declining margins on hardware and the increased need to show double the value on each and every job, you should definitely keep your ears open when an industry leader such as Almo Professional A/V jumps into a new category.

During a recent stop of the E4 Experience, respected A/V evangelist Gary Kayye presented on the buzz surrounding AV-Over-IP and at one point states “everything requires bandwidth.”  That one sentence could be your entire sales pitch to a customer on why they should look at their services.  Customers get excited over technology and the more they add the more bandwidth that technology eats up.  Think about it… if you have a simple 100×10 cable internet circuit in your home but you have a family of 4 with 3 smart TVs, 3 iPhones, 2 tablets, 2 laptops, a security system, and 2 nest thermostats all of that is connected to your network – those devices eat up your bandwidth and drastically slows down technology performance.

It’s one of the main reasons why NOBODY seems happy with their internet provider these days.  In the Pro A/V industry it works no different.  Digital Signage, security cameras, control systems, audio, and more all require that same bandwidth.  Thus, the birth of Almo Business Communications.  We have strategic suppliers throughout the country, 170 of them to be exact that all specialize in essential services such as Internet bandwidth, voice services, Live TV, commercial security, mobility services, and even essential business needs like cyber security and multi-location management (SD-WAN).  We have also had the privilege of working with a “who’s who” of suppliers such as Comcast, Spectrum, DIRECTV, Verizon, New Horizon Communication Group, Nextiva, Nitel, Entelegant, and Viasat to name a few.

To be perfectly transparent with you, the concept of selling these services and partnering with a master agent is certainly not new, but what is new is the way Almo has approached the concept by formulating a service offering that literally has NO RISK. Through our program, 98% of the carriers above pay a LIFETIME RECURRING COMMISSION on every sale so there are no commission chargebacks, no sales quotas, no costs to you or your customer, no lengthy application process, and no need for you to hire trained employees to manage the new business.  Thus, NO RISK.  To continue with my transparency, I tell every new partner that I speak with that 1 sale will seldom make you rich.  However by doing a minimum of $1,000 in new billing each month you will see an additional $57k a year onto your bottom line!  When you think back to those shrinking hardware margins, $57k is a pretty nice chunk of change to add back into the business in a given year and will certainly set the tone for the future of your company.  For most, that is an extra employee salary or a new company work truck.  We have current partners doing double-triple that amount in a month so once the momentum builds, so will those residual checks!

In the world of recurring revenue, even by closing 1 sale per month, you will never start each month at ZERO again.  You will always have “something” coming in, so why not maximize that “something” by checking off the following boxes TODAY:

-Work with a distributor who is a multiple “Favorite A/V Distributor” winner

-Earn lifetime recurring commissions on every sale

-Have a dedicated sales team do 95% of the work for me- that’s right!  We will do the work for you!

-Provide more value to my clients which will lead to more work and help win more jobs over competitors.

-Make up for the lost margin on hardware and add $$$ to my earnings.

I hope that I have helped open your eyes and minds a little regarding Business Communication Services and how there is a very large need in the industry for these services.  As technology continues to advance, so must our services that make that technology what it is!

I will challenge each of you to take a look at your OWN services today and can promise you that there are annual savings to be realized!  Please contact me to examine further and even earn lifetime commissions on your own sale which will help set you up for the months and years to come.

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