Part 1: Got Spares?

Topic: The importance of having spares when purchasing / commissioning a DVLED video wall..

My wife is very particular. When we were planning for our wedding, she suggested that me and my groomsmen wear black suits. I said…

“Great! They’ve all got a black suit already. One less thing to worry about. Right?”


My wife explained to me that black is not black. She pointed out that if you have seven men stand next to each other in seven different black suits, then the shades of black will be noticeably different. Apparently, this would be bad for our wedding photos.

Tom Keefe groom's men

The point is – she was right. As usual. The difference of one shade of black next to another is very plain to see to even the most untrained eye. She had me. I had to make the call to my groomsmen, saying, “Sorry fellas, you’ve all got to go out and get new black suits.”

LED Panels & Batching

It’s the same with LEDs and batching. One batch will not be exactly the same as another in terms of color and calibration, so when taken together on a large video wall and compared directly with another wall made up of another batch of LEDs, there will be noticeable color differences between the two.

To address this problem, dvLED manufacturers will often provide spare modules from the same batch. This way, when a pixel goes out or a module is damaged or in need of repair, the spare can be swapped in to replace the damaged unit. If you select a solid manufacturer with U.S. service centers, they will usually repair your damaged unit and send it back to you under warranty. Once you have the repaired module back, it now becomes one of your spares.

direct view LED panels

Now, let’s say you didn’t select a manufacturer that offered spares or, perhaps, offered spares but no U.S. service. What happens when you need to replace a damaged unit? Well, best case scenario, you will be forced to purchase a new module from a different batch to replace the damaged one. The problem is that this new module could very easily stick out like a sore thumb and your brand-new video wall will forever be imperfect.

Worst case scenario, the module you are replacing was from a discontinued model and cannot be replaced. Now your video wall just became a really expensive paper weight! Try explaining that to your customer…

Exertis Almo Has Great Options

Luckily, there are handful of terrific dvLED manufacturers that offer batched spares and support based within the United States. As a matter of fact, some will actually repair and send back your damaged module within 10 business days, in most cases. The point is, you can rest easy knowing that you have a plan in the event of a module failure so your customer will never have to deal with a video wall that is out of commission.

Exertis Almo is the leader in dvLED distribution and we only partner with the best, most reputable brands, because we recognize that your success is our success, and we never want to see any of our customers in a position where they are unable to support a product they purchase from us. We have members of our staff that are dedicated to supporting individual dvLED brands, and they are here to provide you with concierge-level service to help you navigate this new and exciting product category.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Make sure you work with a vendor that offers ample spares and supports their product here in the U.S. to ensure that you and your customer are protected. And to the guys reading this – black is not black. Dress accordingly.

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