We are going to start today with a trip down memory lane… standard hdmi cableYou have just picked out a gorgeous new HD Television at one of the “Big Box” stores. You are super excited, because “Real Housewives of Buffalo” is premiering season 4 later that day, and you cannot imagine how fantastic it will look in your living room. Then the sales associate that helped you pick that display out asks you if you need a high-end HDMI cable to go with that display. He goes on to tell you that it will “enhance the viewing experience” and “provide better quality audio” for you. Do you spend the $75 for that cable? Or is the $10 one available on that XYZ website going to do the trick? Now, for you and your latest reality series, it may not make much of a difference, but when you are in the world of Pro AV, it can be all the difference in the world.

When it comes to setting up an audio or video system, choosing the right cables is crucial. While it may be tempting to opt for cheaper imports or consumer cables, investing in professional audio and video cables can make all the difference in terms of performance, durability, and reliability. Let’s look at the benefits of using professional audio video cables instead of cheaper online options.

Primarily, professional audio and video cables are designed by manufacturers to deliver superior performance. These cables are engineered with high-quality materials and features that ensure optimal signal transfer, reducing the risk of signal loss or distortion. broadcast videoThis translates into clear, high-quality audio and video output, which is essential for professional applications such as recording studios, live performances, and broadcasting. Whether you are setting up a live event like a concert, installing a conference room solution with high end UC equipment, or setting up a classroom or auditorium in the education space, investing in the higher quality product will help ensure the best performance. In comparison, cheaper cables may not be designed to the same high standards as professional cables. These cables may have lower quality materials and construction, which can result in signal loss, noise, or interference. This can lead to poor audio and video quality, which is unacceptable in professional settings. If performance is key, then you absolutely need Pro-quality cables here.
Something else to consider. Is that less expensive cable rated to do the job that you need? Wait, there are ratings for cables??? Why yes, yes there are. Cables have different ratings, which have to do with whether they can be used in-wall, riser applications, or plenum applications. These are different ratings based on shielding layers and fire resistance to help fires from spreading. If you use non-plenum cable in the plenum ceiling, inspectors will not give you an occupancy or building permit, and you may be subject to fines. Our partners at C2G have this nice guide about different ratings.

Another benefit of using professional audio and video cables is their durability. Professional cables are built to withstand the rigors of frequent use and transport, with features such as reinforced connectors, strain relief, and shielding. This makes them more resistant to wear and tear, and less likely to break or fail during use. In contrast, cheaper imports or consumer cables may not be built to the same standards of durability. These cables may have weaker connectors, thinner insulation, or less shielding, which can make them more susceptible to damage or failure. cable durabilityThis can result in frequent replacements and downtime, which can be costly and disruptive. Think of the time and money spent having technicians deployed just to replace cables, because they were cheaper at the outset. Those savings up front are costing you more down the road. What a huge waste! You absolutely cannot have an inferior connection break in the middle of a live performance or important video conference, which could have catastrophic effects on your business. Did you know that C2G offers a Limited lifetime warranty on all cable assemblies? They do, and that is just one of the many reasons we are excited to have them as a partner.

Finally, professional audio and video cables offer greater reliability. Professional cables are tested and certified to meet industry standards for performance and safety, ensuring that they will work consistently and safely under various conditions. This is critical in professional settings where failure or malfunction can have grave consequences. Cheaper cables may not offer the same level of reliability or safety. These cables may not be put through the same quality control measures and may not meet industry standards for performance or safety. This can result in unpredictable performance, safety hazards, or even damage to equipment. C2G Performance Series cablesLuckily, C2G has that covered as well. Take a look at their latest and greatest: the Performance Series, 100% tested at the production line to make sure it meets standards, highest standard rating required for in-wall installation, and many other key features.

I get it, we are talking about cables here, and I know it is not the forefront in technology, or the flashiest thing you will see at Infocomm – but without quality cabling throughout your AV install, all that equipment cannot run to its highest potential. Investing in professional audio and video cables is a wise choice for anyone who wants to achieve optimal performance, durability, and reliability from their audio and video systems. While less expensive or consumer cables may seem like an attractive option, they simply cannot match those results from professional cables. If you want pro results, you must use pro products. That is it for me, until next time we go Behind the Panel!!

Patrick Booth, BDM
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