I am excited for this edition of Behind the Panel, as we are going to dive into digital signage. But what does that mean to us? Let’s look at what digital signage is:

Digital signage is a dynamic form of communication that utilizes digital displays to convey information, advertisements, or messages to viewers. Initially emerging as a modern alternative to traditional static signage, digital signage has evolved to become a versatile tool used across various industries such as retail, hospitality, transportation, and healthcare. With the ability to deliver real-time content updates, targeted messaging, and interactive experiences, digital signage has transformed the way businesses engage with their audience. Today, the digital signage industry continues to grow rapidly, driven by advancements in technology, such as high-definition displays, Direct View LED, cloud-based content management systems, and data analytics. This growth reflects the increasing demand for personalized and engaging communication strategies in both physical and digital spaces. Digital signage has truly become all encompassing. Everyone knows that you need a display of some kind for digital signage to work, and today, we are going to look at some of the more basic “nuts and bolts” that are needed to make your solution work. Luckily, for us, here at Exertis Almo, we have partnered with Legrand, who make these essential products that really do lay the groundwork for great digital signage experiences.

1. Mounting Solutions:

When it comes to digital signage, a sturdy and reliable mounting solution is crucial for ensuring the display is securely fixed in place. There are a range of mounting solutions that provide flexibility and ease of installation. Looking at our partners from Chief, whether it’s wall mounts, ceiling mounts, or floor stands, Chief’s products are designed to accommodate various display sizes and installation environments, making it easier to set up digital signage in diverse locations. They also are industry-leading in creating innovations that make installation much easier for integrators. Less time spent on the installation means more profit for the integrator. As I talked about when we discussed mounts way back in Volume 1, cheaper solutions are not always cheaper in the long run.

2. Cables/Cable Management:

C2GMaking sure that you have quality cables for your installation should be of extreme importance. Cables2Go has a wide range of cables, many of which are covered by a lifetime warranty and each cable is tested along the line. Can you buy a less expensive cable? Probably, but think down the road how much time is wasted deploying techs to a job for a faulty cable. Effective cable management is often overlooked by less experienced installers, but it’s essential for maintaining a clean and professional installation. Legrand’s cable management solutions from Chief and Middle Atlantic help organize and conceal cables, ensuring a neat and polished look for the digital signage setup. With options for both in-wall and on-wall cable management, Legrand products simplify the routing of cables, reducing clutter and minimizing the risk of damage to cables during installation. They even offer over floor and under carpet cable management through Wiremold.

3. Power and Connectivity:

Reliable power distribution and connectivity are fundamental to the seamless operation of digital signage. Middle Atlantic and Cables2Go‘s power and connectivity solutions offer the necessary infrastructure to support the display and its peripherals. From power outlets to data connectivity panels, CHIEF Tempo Wall System bundleLegrand products are designed to provide easy access to power and connectivity, simplifying the setup process and ensuring a robust electrical infrastructure for the digital signage system. Middle Atlantic has a full line of Power Strips, PDUs, and UPS battery backups that can work for almost any project size or budget. How about the ability to monitor power going to your signage display from anywhere in the world? With Middle Atlantic’s NEXSYS line, you can do that and so much more.

What if I told you Legrand makes an amazing solution for digital signage that includes mounting, cable management, and power all in one product. You should check out the Tempo Flat Panel Wall Mount System. It includes a wall mount, and the ability to install 2-6 small devices using the integrated Lever Lock storage panels. You can even have it shipped with a Middle Atlantic 7-outlet power strip!

4. Thermal Management:

Maintaining optimal operating temperatures is essential for the longevity and performance of digital signage displays. Whether you are using a kiosk solution from Chief or have your valuable equipment in a Middle Atlantic rack, Legrand’s thermal management solutions help dissipate heat efficiently, preventing overheating and ensuring the reliability of the display in various environmental conditions. By utilizing thermal management products, installers can enhance the longevity of the digital signage hardware and minimize the risk of performance issues due to excessive heat buildup.

5. Network Integration:

Luxul SwitcherIn most digital signage installations, integration with the local network is essential for delivering your message from your signage player to the display (unless, of course, your display has a built-in signage player, but we are not going down that wormhole today). Luxul switches are a popular choice in digital signage solutions due to their reliability, performance, and scalability. These switches are known for their robust design, specific to the AV industry, which ensures seamless operation in demanding environments where digital signage is deployed. With features like Quality of Service (QoS) support and VLAN capabilities, Luxul switches help prioritize traffic and ensure smooth delivery of content, resulting in a high-quality viewing experience for audiences. Their compatibility with various network setups and easy integration with other components make Luxul switches a preferred networking solution for powering and managing digital signage systems effectively.

That will about do it for this edition. Remember, when planning a digital signage installation, it is essential to consider the broader ecosystem of accessories beyond the display itself. Legrand’s range of mounting solutions, cable management products, power and connectivity solutions, thermal management products, and network solutions offer valuable support for installers, making the process smoother and the end result of higher quality. With Legrand’s commitment to innovation and reliability, installers can confidently tackle digital signage installations, knowing that they have the support of industry-leading accessories designed to simplify their work and enhance the overall quality of the installation.

See you next time, Behind the Panel!

Patrick Booth, BDM

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Supported Manufacturers: Legrand AVChief, C2G, Da-Lite, Luxul, Middle Atlantic, Vaddio, Wiremold

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