We have all learned the importance and value of building key relationships with our customer base within the PRO AV Industry.  And there are the typical guidelines… communicate, exceed expectations, be available, listen, ask questions, etc.; but, at the end of the business day, what is it that matters most to both you and your customer? Does a fair price fare well with poor service and lack of trust?  TRUST is the key differentiator in any relationship.    Your relationship with your customer should be no different.

At ALMO Pro AV we pride ourselves in building that trust with our customers, not only by providing them all the business acumens referenced above; but, by building one-on-one personal relationships, with people.

As the ALMO Business Development Manager dedicated to LG, I recently had the pleasure of attending a reseller “thank you” event at a Toronto Blue Jays game with a valued customer.   As I engaged with everyone attending, I had the opportunity to see our sales rep interact with this customer.  He knew everyone!  REALLY KNEW THEM!  He knew their names, their children, their likes, their business style, and more.   The collaboration between ALMO, LG and the reseller meshed as easily as wind guiding a sail.

So what was the key to future business opportunities aside from “business conversation”?   FUN!  We were engaged.  We talked, we laughed, we smiled, we relaxed, and we let our guard down. If for only a few hours, the stress of the traditional business model was removed, leaving us such a great opportunity to sell.  To sell our company, sell our products, and sell ourselves.  And that built trust. Trust is not meant to be given, it is meant to be earned.

As a business community, we are focused on goals, measurements, and ROI.  All be it important to your bottom line, some things just can’t be measured in clear metrics.  It is important to understand when unmeasurable activities create measureable results.

Trust is a long term investment.   Customers put their faith in people, not just the companies that they choose to do business with.  Trust is a clear path to success and long term business relationships.  And if they eventually turn into friendships (as many do) everyone wins!

Corinne O’Rawe
888-420-2566 x6220  |  [email protected]

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