ViewSonic’s ViewBoard IFP70 Series — the newest in its line of interactive flat panels — is here, and it’s better than ever.

The industry’s first interactive flat panels (IFPs) were a big deal, helping classrooms and businesses transform thinking and productivity. Every year, interactive displays got bigger, brighter and more affordable. But eventually, the industry sought to do more — it hoped to make IFPs more versatile and more effective. Now, interactive displays are promising to be all-in-one solutions for the modern collaboration space. A particularly notable evolution in this space is ViewSonic’s latest ViewBoard series, a beautiful solution designed for seamless integration into your conference room infrastructure. The ViewSonic IFP70 Series is here, and it’s better than ever.

What Does “All in One” Actually Mean?

When we say the ViewSonic IFP70 Series is an all-in-one solution, here’s what we mean: The 4K Ultra HD (3840×2160 resolution) series is both an interactive display/whiteboard and a built-in videoconferencing solution in one — all hardware and software included.

“The ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP70 series is our most innovative enterprise-grade interactive flat panel display line to date,” said Andy Chien, product marketing manager at ViewSonic. “We took all the necessary steps to solve the modern conference room challenge with the most advanced technologies, while simplifying typical collaboration complexities. The sleek form-factor and bezel-less frame also allows it to be designed into innovative and contemporary environments.”

The reason it’s built as an all-in-one solution is because, more than ever, the technology in the AV industry is being driven by the end consumer’s need — the AV end user today is asking for more simple systems with multiple capabilities in one product. They don’t want to have to buy two systems when they could just buy one. In addition to being a true collaboration board, ViewSonic’s IFP70 Series is even more versatile than its previous IFPs — the display allows users to securely connect to their meetings directly on the display. So, no more complex puzzles trying to find the best display to go with the best conferencing software to go with the best speaker and microphone. The IFP70 Series has it all.

Built-in Camera/Speakers/Microphone, an IoT Sensor and the ViewSonic Active Pen

Equipped with the latest collaboration tech for modern workspaces, the IFP70 Series sparks creativity and drives productivity. There are a few primary hardware collaboration technologies built in, which include:

1. A Skype-for-Business-certified conference camera with crisp 4K UHD resolution. Also integrated are three speakers — two 10-watt stereo speakers and a 15-watt subwoofer — and a microphone array that’s also Skype for Business-certified.

2. The ViewSonic Active Pen tool, which includes multi-level pressure sensitivity, giving users an accurate yet natural-feeling interactive writing experience.

3. An IoT Sensor Hub compatible with the Microsoft Azure Digital Twins cloud platform. The IoT sensor measures humidity, room temperature, ambient light and human proximity to the screen. The data is then sent to the secured Microsoft Azure cloud-computing service, which analyzes it and provides information on how to optimize meeting and energy efficiency.

ViewSonic’s myViewBoard, Integrated Zoom for Conferencing and More

ViewSonic’s myViewBoard collaboration software, integrated into each model of the IFP70 Series, is an easy-to-use and secure ecosystem. Users have a choice between myViewBoard software versions, designed to meet any and all collaboration needs, whether for enterprise-level security or for more straightforward screen-sharing or annotation. The beauty of the software is that it’s seen as a one-stop shop (no compatibility issues with external apps). Additional integrated software into the IFP70 Series includes the Zoom app for conferencing, the WPS Office suite, an optional SureMDM by 42 Gears Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) tool, and the ViewBoard Cast (vCast) content-sharing software app with support for iOS, Mac, Android, Windows and Chrome devices. vCast enables content streaming from devices onto a ViewSonic display over wireless or wired networks.

The Icing On Top of the ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP70 Series Cake

The other bells and whistles of ViewSonic’s IFP70 Series include:

  • The Latest Connectivity Options, Including USB Type-C. Walk into the room and plug in your device, and you can immediately share onto the display. Other connectivity ports include HDMI 2.0 and HDMI 4K, USB 3.0 and more. (Translation: meetings can actually start on time for once.)
  • One-wire USB-C Connectivity. While added USB-C connectivity is great, a single cable transmitting that signal to the display is even better. That means — in addition to faster data, audio and video transfer — the USB Type-C connection provides quick 60-watt charging and touch pass-through over a single cable. (Translation: one cable. No confusion.)
  • Edge-to-edge, Optical-bonding PCAP Touch Screen. IFP70 displays are designed with high-performance PCAP (projected capacitive) technology with 20 touch points. (Translation: exceptional interactivity and viewing.)

Almo Professional A/V is the nation’s largest professional audiovisual distributor with forward-thinking product integration and support. Almo is committed to offering only the best in the AV industry. The sleek and slim ViewBoard IFP70 Series (less than an inch thick) is more than an upgrade to the dense marketplace of interactive displays. It’s a completely reimagined solution to the modern collaboration room and to the world of unified communications — adding key elements of flexibility, versatility and duality for the AV end-user customer. Learn more at, or get in touch with your Almo sales rep for more information.

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