With the recent increase in remote conferencing and education, one’s understanding of online communication platforms is more important than ever. Many businesses and schools made the quick transition into a hybrid format, causing employees and instructors to become familiar with platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams on their own time. In many cases, hybrid settings with remote video conferencing have become a primary method of communication for many organizations.

While these remote communication applications are crucial for successful online collaboration, many users are not utilizing these platforms to their full potential. Almo’s new partnership with OfficePro, a leading provider of corporate training, allows resellers to offer their clients in-depth education on hosting meetings and using these applications effectively and efficiently. Available for a variety of platforms including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more, this new service offering from Almo provides attendees with critical information regarding their conference-based system.

As a great benefit to both consumers and dealers, this training service ensures that users receive proper guidance on the utilization of their technology following the installation. For Almo’s dealers and integrators, the service provides a comprehensives solution for clients, therefore increasing overall satisfaction with remote communication platforms. And for groups utilizing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, companies will receive a greater return on investment, as employees will use these applications more efficiently and with fewer technological complications. In fact, Brian Rhatigan, Director of Business Development at Almo, finds that the training provided by Almo and OfficePro is the key to effectively utilizing new technology.

This service is ideal for any organization that is investing in and implementing technology for collaboration and software-based video conferencing,” he said. “Far too often, companies invest in technology and don’t invest in the proper training for their employees, which can cause a poor user experience and expectations that aren’t met.

Companies and schools should look to be more proactive about their training requirements and ensure that employees and instructors receive in-depth knowledge on the tools required for collaboration, conferencing, and remote learning. With several training options for each application, including hands-on virtual training and online demo-lectures, customers have the flexibility to choose a format that works best for their organization. Application trainings available for purchase include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, MS Surface Hub, Crestron Mercury, and Cisco Webex.

Thanks to Almo’s partnership with OfficePro, resellers can assist clients in using online platforms effectively. Not only does this service result in a greater return on investment for resellers by increasing user satisfaction, but it also improves the training procedures of organizations by prioritizing employees’ understanding of technology.

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