Gone are the days of just one flavor of outdoor displays… Samsung has totally revamped its outdoor lineup to include a wide variety of sizes ranging from 24” up to 75” and with an impressive range of brightness levels from 200 nits* to 3,000 nits to meet practically any outdoor application you may be up against.

The first thing you want to learn more about when a client comes to you with an outdoor application is anything and everything you can find out about the location where the unit(s) are planned and what the client is trying to accomplish by implementing outdoor digital signage.

Here are 5 questions that are a great starting point to getting outdoor digital signage right the first time:  06.16 pic02 

  • WHO is the audience?
    Patrons, employees, students, children (theme park), etc.?
  • WHAT is the application and purpose of the display/digital signage? What size did you have in mind and what kind of content will be displayed?
    Theme park/corporate or college campus, etc.?
    Will it be used to draw attention to an attraction, communicate helpful information to reduce wait times/perceived customer satisfaction, advertise promotions/events to drive sales, etc.?
    Will content be full motion video, still images, slide-show like content, GIF, TIF formats, etc.?
  • WHERE will the unit(s) specifically be located within the facility/property/campus/park, etc.?
    Will it be positioned under an overhang, or directly out in the elements (rain, snow, direct sunlight, high/low outdoor temperatures)? Will the display be within reach of audience/viewers at ground level or mounted higher and totally out of reach?
  • WHEN will the unit be used?
    What hours/schedule will the display need to run each day; Will 24/7 be required?
  • HOW does the client plan to update content?
    Will a network (Cat5) cable be available at the installation location? Would they like to update content via USB thumb drive, network or over Wi-Fi, etc.?

Believe it or not, if you take the time to ask the right questions early on, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of most of your competitors and at the end of the day, your client will appreciate you taking the time to understand their goals for implementing digital signage and their viewpoint will change from thinking you’re just a vendor who’s quoting some outdoor units to what the great firms strive to become, a valued partner fully engaged with their clients.

Stay tuned for The Great Outdoors (Part II) where we’ll dive into some of the new unique features Samsung has engineered as part of their expanded outdoor digital signage lineup and how Samsung can help solve digital signage problems common to outdoor applications.  Give us a call with your application questions today!

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