When we live on the east coast, the spring thaw sends thoughts of basking in the summer sun at a lake front cottage.

And then it hits you!  THINK THIN!  Who wouldn’t want to be the thinnest model ever?

You don’t need to go on a stringent diet or work out to the point of exhaustion.  LG can help!   That’s right; LG has released its futuristic “wallpaper” OLED TV – Their thinnest model ever!  This panel is so thin and light, you can literally attach the screen directly to the wall. Making it seem more like a framed painting than cutting-edge OLED technology, this is first-of-its-kind design.

Most models sold today require a backlight, but not LG OLED TVs. LG OLED TVs have complete control over their pixels. Meaning they can be turned on or off to achieve truly perfect black levels with zero light bleed. This gives shadows more depth and makes colors feel like they’re leaping off the screen.

This version of the LG OLED Wallpaper is specifically for commercial display applications and it’s in a 55″ form-factor that weighs less than 13 pounds and has a depth that is just 3.65 millimeters (0.14 inches). Yes, you read that right – barely more than 1/10th of an inch.

LG OLED technology uses self-lighting pixels for exact control of image brightness and quality, and with no separate light source the technology is extremely lightweight, thin and flexible

Rave Publications highlighted the new LG OLED Wallpaper Display in a recent article written by Gary Kayye, highlighting the best new products at 2016 Digital Signage Expo.

“The Wallpaper display can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for a customizable display design. Ultra-slim mounting brackets with a magnetic mat create a truly seamless design that becomes one with the wall. Electronic components are housed in a separate control box connected to the display with a 2-meter (6-1/2-foot) cable.”

So if you are looking for a solution with perfect color, a wide viewing angle, and clear viewing images, check out the LG 55EJ5C.   And, with easy installation and video wall tiling options, it can be hung on the wall with dedicated slim brackets for video wall usage; providing you more time to spend basking in the sun at that lakeside cottage.

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