06.20 Blog piucChoosing LG Supersign products is a smart and affordable way to provide an all-in-one display solution, with easy to use software for fast content creation.   This all in one solution provides integrators entering the digital signage market a low cost option with simplicity.  It is a great option for various verticals such as restaurants, financial institutions, dental and medical clinics, public offices, educational venues, retail stores and more.


  • All in one slim and stylish solution
  • 42 PRE MADE templates for multiple vertical markets
  • Remote control over 50 TVs over the network
  • Built-in tuner and speakers
  • Multiple ports for multiple connection and applications
  • 2 year warranty

SuperSign software includes a collection of basic templates to suit a variety of verticals.  Details such as font, background color, accompanying image and the location of the video window can also be customized.

  • SuperSign W Lite is a web-based content authoring/player solution that allow the connection of up to 50 client displays.
    • SuperSign-W Lite has templates but is designed to build your own content from scratch by importing videos and jpg pictures and adding text zones.
    • There are 74 predefined templates for use if preferred.
  • SuperSign Simple Editor includes 42 pre-designed, ready-to-use content templates.
    • SuperSign Simple Editor is designed as an easy way to create content.
    • The 42 pre-defined Templates must be used as a starting point to build content.
    • Check out the SuperSign-S tutorial video here
  • SuperSign “C” for display control via network or RS-232, featuring enhanced auto calibration providing superior color adjustment in as little as 4 minutes per screen.
    • SuperSign-C is not an application to create content. It is used for video wall calibration and RS232 (serial and network) control of LG monitors and Commercial lite TVs.

Although there are three downloadable versions, the most commonly required downloadable solution is the Supersign Simple Editor.  You will easily recognize when to use SuperSign Simple Editor since the part numbers end with an “S”.  Simple right?

5 Simple steps to setting up the LG Supersign product.


  • Unbox the Unit
  • Use the downloadable software to create your templates
  • Set up the screens as to where you want to display the messages
  • Upload the templates to the TV using a USB plug into the display, or run from a network media player
  • Play and Loop

For more information, contact me or please visit: http://www.lg.com/us/commercial/display

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