Recently, we asked AV respondents about their social media usage. As we suspected, a clear majority of Atlanta E4 AV Tour attendees say they use LinkedIn the most for business. They were evenly split between Facebook and Twitter as second most used social network.

When AV Respondents Check Social Media

When do you check?

6pm or later                       70%

9am to 12pm                      65%

12pm to 3 pm                    54%

3pm to 6pm                        52%

How Many Times a Day Do You Check Social Media?

Five or more                      43%

One to three                      39%

Three to five                      19%

See the full infographic here.

How do these results match up with your own preferences? Special thanks for all those who took the time to respond to our survey! We can’t wait to see what our Boston and Dallas E4 AV Tour attendees will have to say about their social media habits. Don’t forget to join us at our upcoming E4 AV Tour!

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