Think of a current successful athlete in the United States.  Chances are you will think of a football player like Patrick Maholms, or a basketball player like Lebron James.  However, beyond the mainstream of sports the population is moving to Esports or Electronic Sports.   Esports are organized sporting competitions for multi-player video games and has become one of the fastest growing “sports” in the world.   Event companies, and colleges, as well as the gambling industry have all taken interest into the popularity of gaming.  The niche audience of “gaming” is gaining more support and growing to become part of the PRO AV ecosystem. Depending on the venue, 20” to 98” displays, touchscreens, 4K models and LFD Monitors are all-inclusive opportunities for sale into a large sporting venue.  Top manufacturers such as LG Electronics offer numerous solutions, which complement the esports arena. 

The average small format display used in the gaming industry is a 1080p 240Hz 24″ monitors. You do not want 1440p for competitive games, and if you are a professional 240Hz makes sense over 144Hz.   In addition, this does not include the need for massive LED displays, to state-of-the-art cameras, switchers, not to mention installation services to ensure proper timing between video and audio sync and much more.   You are also looking at opportunities to implement the latest streaming and IP Technology which is a must have in order to ensure tournament coverage is worthy of the viewing of the followers.  Have your attention yet?  The opportunities within the PRO AV industry are endless….      

Let’s take a moment to focus on Small Format Displays in general….Many retailers are struggling to gain customer in person loyalty and creative positive experiences at the store fronts.  Small format touch displays encourage a way for customers to engage with products and services on a personal level.   In-store Retailers, Fast Casual and Quick Service Restaurants all face similar challenges, and are constantly looking for ways to develop and maintain a relationship with their customers. Small format displays and tablets have proven to be strong tools in driving higher customer interaction, brand satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately leading to sales that are more profitable.  Large venues, stadiums and event spaces are also improving their efficiency by employing these devices to allow patrons to upgrade their upgrade seats as they arrive at the gate, or offer meal suggestions and combos at the concession stand.

These are just a few of the ways corporations can employ small digital displays and tablets to more effectively manage, store, and share information. Reach out to Corinne Furmanek O’Rawe, Business Development Manager for LG Electronics at ALMO. Let us be your go-to to help you with product solutions.

Corinne Furmanek – O’Rawe, DSCE
Business Development Manager

[email protected]
888-420-2566 x6220

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