When it comes to audio technology, hearing is believing. And in the age of hybrid learning and collaboration, audio quality is essential in creating a fair experience for both remote and in-person participants.

Although audio-conferencing technology is often considered complicated and costly, Nureva has developed groundbreaking solutions that deliver simplicity and value with top-notch quality. To better connect resellers with the capabilities of their audio systems prior to purchasing, Nureva experts host free product demos for resellers interested in their products – broadcast live, every day.

By hosting live product demos on a frequent and accessible schedule, Nureva ensures that viewers experience a first-hand look at their innovative audio solutions. Along with in-person demos, these remote sessions are a great first step in allowing attendees to understand Nureva’s technology in action, as they serve as a simple and effective introduction to a product.

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During a 15-minute live product demo, Nureva experts provide resellers with an interactive, first-hand listen of the revolutionary patented Microphone Mist™ technology in a real space with glass walls and HVAC. Additionally, the demos allow listeners to hear the microphone pickup everywhere in the space and give examples of how specific organizations can benefit from their solutions. And with no pressure to purchase, resellers are encouraged to ask questions during the demonstration to determine if they would like to request additional details and information.

In fact, scheduling and attending a virtual demo from Nureva couldn’t be simpler. By visiting Nureva’s website, prospective attendees can choose from a variety of time slots on a preferred date. In fact, Nureva provides dealers with the option to mirror the official demo calendar on their own websites to encourage more widespread education about Nureva technology – a great value-added service!

So, how valuable are these live product demos? While audio quality is subjective and greatly depends on a specific listener’s goals, Nureva experts focus their demonstrations on more concrete product details, like auto-calibration and quick installation. And since Nureva’s patented Microphone Mist technology works in conjunction with other products, these demos serve as an excellent opportunity to show how Nureva pairs with additional communication devices, like projectors and cameras.

Although it’s too soon to track the success rate of in-person demos, Nureva’s virtual demos have a 1 out of 2 close rate, which shows the undeniable importance of live educational opportunities for prospective dealers and resellers.

For those looking to book a demo with Nureva, simply click here to pick a date.

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