Digital Signage is All Around Us

Are you struggling to gain customer attention and loyalty through your media investments and digital signage solutions? Every day, digital signage is a part of our lives. Whether you are viewing a menu board at your favorite restaurant, checking your flight status at an international airport, or even using social media, digital signage is all around us. So, how do we help our customers take logical steps to keep their business expanding?

Signage Options are Growing

More and more businesses are using digital signage for interactive solutions, forms of communication, wayfinding, and more. The possibilities are endless. When you are helping your customers choose a solution for their business, it is important to understand the many digital signage capability options, and what the industry has to offer.

Considerations for Helping Customers Choose the Right Solution

So, how do we help our customers understand solution options while advising them on a solution that will serve their long-term goals in a constantly changing industry? And even before we start a “technical” conversation, what questions do we ask to help guide our customers into a digital signage mindset?

Georgia museum LG case study

The Visuals

Think about the advantages of being able to show pictures, being dynamic, getting the customer, employee, student, or retailer interested through graphics – it just makes sense.

Branding & Advertising

Not only does digital signage provide a solution for visually enhanced communication, but it can also bring in advertising revenue “It is not just a sign.” The signage becomes a strong advertising vehicle that can be updated with new content over time as messaging needs to change.

Target Markets

As technology has developed and display solutions evolve within the Pro AV market, there are multiple markets demanding it, such as schools, churches, retail stores, community banks, medical campuses, and more. Almost any target market can utilize signage. As Pro AV trusted advisors, it is our job to help qualify the customer and guide them to think outside of the box.

Environment | Interaction

  • What type of premises?
  • Are there waiting areas?
  • Do you know the regulations for outward-facing displays?
  • How far away will the audience or end customer be?
  • Should the signage only display content?
  • Do we want the customer to interact with the equipment?

The Technical Aspects

  • Are the premises equipped with a wireless network?
  • What type of equipment will be the most adapted to the needs? (Transactional terminal, kiosk, tablet, etc.)
  • Nature of the premises? (Leisure, HOW, EDU, health, shopping, business, work, etc.)
Georgia museum LG case study
Georgia museum LG case study
man listening video call

Content | Content Management

  • Do your clients have the resources to take care of content creation?
  • Can and will they manage their own content?
  • What resources are available?
  • Should or can the end customer interact with the content?

Exertis Almo is Here to Help You Help Your Customers

Depending on the answers to these questions, you will be able to offer your clients suitable solutions among the possible devices. Exertis Almo is the nation’s largest professional audiovisual distributor with forward-thinking product integration, training, managed services, and technical support providing customers the full distribution experience on a local and personal level. We have Business Development Managers to help you with digital signage solutions such as outdoor, dvLED, custom OLED, Conference Room Solutions, Commercial TVs, services, and more. We will help you open doors to new opportunities for your customers, with full solution sales, at a competitive price, with hands on assistance.

Contact Exertis Almo for product info, inventory availability, or to start a quote.
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