I had one happy visitor at my home last month.

My dear friend Blair lives in Nova Scotia, on the Southeastern tip of Canada… up near Maine.  He came for a long overdue visit, and I’m sure at the time there wasn’t a happier Canadian anywhere in the Lower 48.

Plenty of things contributed to his joy.  Our beautiful beaches, his many friends, some of his favorite restaurants…  But my friend Blair was happiest enjoying the beautiful March South Florida weather and spent much time in the Chikee Hut watching anything and everything on the 65” SunBrite Veranda Series display that I’d recently had installed.

One very happy Canadian
Photo of Blair’s car in Canada while he visited FLA

I love my Veranda display for what it is.  4K UHD, bright, rugged and extremely affordable (SRP of $1,499 for 43”, $1,999 for  55”, and $3,499 for 65”).  An added benefit, especially working for Almo Pro AV, is being able to brag with authority about the impressive features of the entire line, which includes not only the Veranda Series for full shade applications but also the Signature Series for partial sun applications, Pro Series for full sun and active areas and Marquee Series for full sun and active areas outdoor digital signage.

Blair is pretty into technology, and was thoroughly impressed when I explained the virtues of these hearty displays.  While the bright picture is immediately impressive, SunBrite goes through great lengths to ensure a perfect viewing experience.

Since 2004, SunBrite has specialized in outdoor TVs and nothing else, and each class of display is considered an outdoor appliance.  Unlike indoor TVs that have an electrical hazard risk if used in any wet, outdoor environment, careful measures were taken to ensure the safety of installers and end-users against electric shock.  You will not see the hazard symbol on any SunBrite Display, because it is not necessary!

Designed and engineered in the United States, SunBrite stands behind their products with a one-year warranty for Veranda Series displays and two year warranty on Signature, Pro and Marquee Series displays.  The warranty is on-site and includes parts and labor, offering peace of mind that these displays will perform to expectations.

The extensive testing that guarantees these displays are truly the best in outdoor displays surely drove it home for me and my houseguest.  To top it off, how can you not be impressed with this:

All SunBrite Displays are lab-tested to withstand extreme temperatures:

  • – Veranda is -24° to 104°F
  • – Signature is -24° to 122°F
  • – Pro is -40° to 122°F

SunBrite Displays are water tested via 4.4 gallons per minute every 3 hours over 3 days… That’s 2700 GALLONS of water per display. NEVER has a display failed this test!

Not that we needed an excuse, but with March Madness at its mad finest, it was time to throw a party!  The mighty Florida Gators were playing in the Elite Eight after a stunning late night buzzer-beater in overtime to send the wily Wisconsin Badgers home in defeat.  It was a Saturday afternoon, the food was ordered and prepped, the bar was ready, and the weather was perfect.  To give you an idea, enjoy a couple photos of our afternoon of basketball, sunshine, eats and an amazing display!
Regional Finals – the game is about to begin
The Gators are still in it…
The gang enjoying the game
Watching outdoors is fun!
Sadly for me, the Gators did not make it to the Final Four that afternoon.  But they gave a great show, and everyone had a great time.  This was the first of the many soirees I will host, and my SunBrite Veranda will absolutely be front and center for them all!

Have you installed a SunBrite outdoor display and hosted great events with friends?  Tell me about them in the comments below!

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