We all want our kids to “survive and thrive.” And like most parents, we all want to be involved in our children’s lives.  When is the last time you got “schooled” on LG Outdoor Displays?

LG Outdoor displays provide outstanding visibility with high a great brightness of 2,500 cd.m2.  The LG XS Series clearly delivers content and attracts public attention.  Isn’t that the ultimate reason for outdoor display visibility?

How many times has this happened to you?   You are sitting in your living room and your child exclaims” “Hey guys, I have a band concert tomorrow night” or “Are you coming to my football game Saturday morning”  Or my personal favorite “ I need a dress for the school dance in three days.”

More and more schools are turning to outdoor displays to communicate school news and activities.  No longer do notifications show up via snail mail.  Outdoor signage is not only a more viable solution for them, but for you as well.

The exchange of information is available in high bright technology every time you drive past the school.  Now the tables can turn…. “Hey, I saw on the school digital signage you have a football game Friday night.”

What a great selling point to pitch to your resellers.  The education season is upon us so what better time to get “schooled” on outdoor signage by LG.

Wherever digital signage is used the goal is the same – to attract attention, engage the audience and get them to take action. Here are a half of dozen guidelines that should have you well on your way to a successful digital signage deployment:

1) Make it Accessible – Place your digital signage at eye level and viewable from different angles so people can get close enough to scan QR codes and read the message comfortably.

2) Enhance Your Appearance – Your signage content is your brand’s face to the world. Make it visually appealing with a simple message, and use moving images and graphics to make it interesting.

3) Keep it Legible – Use an easy-to-read typeface. Bold-face sans-serif fonts such as Arial, Helvetica or Verdana will read easily at a glance if the font is large enough. Test your font size at the distance your signage is most likely to be read. A general rule is one inch of text height for every 10 feet.

4) Cut the Copy – Keep your message as concise as possible. The 3×5 Rule can be effective: limit the amount of text on your display to three lines, each with five words or less, or five lines of three words or less.

5) Keep it Fresh – No matter how eye-catching your content looks, it will eventually go unnoticed out of familiarity. Consider the demographics and the time of day and change content accordingly.

6) Call Viewers to Action – If you want your viewers to do something, make sure your call to action is short and specific. Leave the CTA on the screen the whole time, or show it several times as the content rotates.

One of LG’s most popular series in the XS2E Series – available in various sizes through ALMO.

55XS2D 55” FHD Outdoor Signage

Key Features include:

  • High Brightness
  • Visible with Polarized Sunglasses
  • Fan-less Design
  • High Performance with WEBOS
  • Smart Brightness Control

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