Screens, Screens, Screens, yes I know, what a boring topic!

Wait! no it’s really NOT!

There are plenty of different and exciting things to talk about in regards to screens and great opportunities to solve problems for your customers!

I just reviewed some information on Da-Lite’s Wireline Advantage screen system and there are some exciting things to talk about!

The “Wireline Advantage” screen system is an innovative design that actually ENHANCES the architecture of the room instead of covering it up and hiding it!

This drop down screen system uses super thin steel cables (up to 29’ long!) instead of a solid black drop to lower the screen for viewing and as a result, almost invisibly suspends the viewing area, and ONLY the viewing area at an appropriate height for the audience. In addition, the screen housing itself can also be easily recessed into the ceiling to truly make the entire screen assembly almost completely invisible when not in use.

PERFECT for any installation into Exhibit halls, Corporate board rooms, Museums, anywhere the architecture itself is important and the customer wants it to remain unaltered and unobscured…..

The Wireline Advantage is available in both HDTV 16:9 and Wide 16:10 options in several different surface gain options and a TON of different sizes up to a whopping 120” x 226”

I’ve seen hundreds of screens from over a dozen+ different suppliers over the years however the Da-Lite folks really got this one right! It’s a beautiful product and fits a real need for many different venues. They’ve even included sliding installation brackets to fit almost any install, and both the ceiling trim and screen trim is already in place.

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