For years, the drone industry has been on a trajectory toward complete autonomy. With DJI’s latest drone tech release, that vision becomes a tangible reality, as their seamless integration of human direction and drone execution brings a new era in efficiency and precision in a variety of applications.

Complete autonomy is a coveted feature within the drone solutions industry, therefore cutting down on labor-intensive manual inspections filled with risks and limitations. Instead, DJI technology can autonomously execute missions, collecting data and reporting back to a command-and-control center, without compromising safety or accuracy.

The latest innovation from DJI – the DJI Dock 2, is built to operate 24/7. The remote drone operation dock houses a Matrice 30, allowing the drone to land, recharge, and execute missions that are programmed through DJI FlightHub 2.

The specific applications that benefit from DJI’s new technology are as vast as they are impactful, specifically in the realm of public safety. From surveillance to search and rescue operations, automated missions are both effective and efficient. Simply put, DJI allows for someone at a computer to instruct the drone to start a mission, complete an inspection, and much more – all from miles away.

M3TD drone techAlong with the new DJI Dock 2, there are two products at the heart of DJI innovation:  the M3D and the M3TD (Matrice 3D/3TD).

The M3D features a powerful zoom camera, tailored for traditional inspection work. Whether surveying cell phone towers for loose screws or identifying broken components, the M3D is a game-changer in the field of infrastructure maintenance.

Furthermore, the M3TD takes thermal imaging to new heights, making it an indispensable tool in public safety initiatives. The ability to detect heat signatures from above is a key component in efficient emergency response scenarios.

Additionally, the DJI Dock 2 boasts a lighter weight than the Dock 1, requiring only 1-2 people to transport the device. The dock also features improved coverage, with a 50-minute maximum flight time.

The future of drone solutions is here and it’s in the palm of your hand – quite literally. We are currently accepting pre-orders for the DJI Dock. Contact your Exertis Almo representative to get started today!

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