Two separate markets, Drone Solutions and Professional AV Technology, are converging in ways that promise groundbreaking possibilities. At Exertis Almo, we are at the forefront of connecting these two industries, fostering a connection that will bring innovation to new heights.

Drone solutions, a recent player in comparison to the well-established Professional AV industry, are rapidly growing in popularity and presence. Although the drone market is less mature, its potential is undeniable, especially as these solutions are becoming increasingly common in a variety of applications.

Drone technology is not merely capturing visuals; it’s harnessing data for groundbreaking applications. From creating intricate 3D models to providing temperature readings, drone solutions enable a comprehensive understanding of environments, and the ability to review this collected data allows for proactive issue resolution. control center

A Command and Control Center – a large space equipped with many different screens – allows for the monitoring and control of a drone from an external location. Specifically in public safety applications, this extensive control space is integral for managing drone functions remotely, ensuring efficiency and precision in critical operations.

One growing challenge that we aim to address is the understanding of data – and where it’s going. From command-and-control centers and workbenches to office spaces and beyond, we can help provide a solution that integrates this data flow.

On the flip side, the Professional AV industry, although daunting to some, has a vast customer base. By acknowledging the extensive reach of the AV industry, we hope to unlock new avenues of collaboration with drone technology. Enter Exertis Almo – our mission is to encourage AV integrators to inquire about their customers’ data collection and command and control needs. With applications spanning government, education, public safety, and more, drones can play an important role in the Pro AV ecosystem.

Furthermore, Exertis Almo has recently partnered with SDI, offering training services available to Pro AV customers venturing into the realm of drones. This includes training programs and service support, empowering Pro AV integrators to seamlessly incorporate drones into their offerings.

Learn more about the extensive drone offerings now available at Exertis Almo.

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