Hi! I’m Jeff Sanchez.



With my 9-years experience in the Graphic Design Field, I have never encountered a monitor with such spectacular image quality. NEC’s MultiSync EA275UHD is truly an AMAZING display.

To see images at their full potential in high resolution as an artist is very exciting! Everyday at work is awesome now that I get to experience my designs in stunning 4K UHD.

What I really enjoy about it is I went from 23” standard definition display to an amazing 27” UHD display. Now I can view multiple windows very easily, which is a plus particularly in my field. But the mind-blowing part about it is the image resolution it delivers. Just WOW! To view images in 4K is truly magnificent, especially working in Photoshop. It’s like seeing the picture up-close and personal.

Another cool feature I find advantageous is the ability to rotate the monitor into portrait mode, providing nearly 360 degrees of swivel, and 25 degrees of tilt. Now that’s what’s up.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 12.27.24 PMAll-in-all MultiSync EA275UHD is an amazing product that delivers a superior quality making my job more fun, and takes my creativity to a whole new level.

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