By overcoming the challenges of distance and time, Holopresence Technology from ARHT Media provides audiences with presenters in their most realistic form. ARHT Media utilizes a holographic display that allows performers and presenters to interact with audiences in real time, while eliminating the limitations of physical presence.

As an advanced and sophisticated method of presentation, the Holopresence technology works to beam presenters into one or multiple locations at the same time, from any place in the world. While audience members get to enjoy the holographic presence of the speaker in real time, presenters can interact with audiences around the world without having to travel in person.

While mitigating the complications of travel and scheduling conflicts, ARHT Media provides a more human approach to remote presentations. Although we’ve become accustomed to the existence of remote learning and hybrid events, ARHT Media’s Holopresence technology allows presenters to engage with their audiences directly with their words and movement.

“With over 50% of communication being non-verbal body language, we have been searching for a technology solution that large enterprises can use to communicate with more engagement than the talking-head video conference – especially now since so many employees are working from home,” explained MVCC President, Glenn Burgess, in his interview with ARHT Media. View the full interview with Burgess here.

As a perfect blend of in-person and remote presentations, the holographic technology provides the personality of a live event with the safety and mindfulness of a remote setting. Not only is the device cognizant of health restrictions as it provides an alternative to inviting an in-person speaker, but it also limits unnecessary travel, especially for short periods of time, as the presenter can speak directly from their home instead of commuting to a venue.

Since the Holopresence Technology minimizes the stress and environmental implications of frequent travel, the advanced device provides venues and universities with access to premium talent. For speakers who live across the world or educators with busy schedules, ARHT Media provides a solution to the limitations of physical presence by allowing high-profile guests from all over the world to visit a stage in seconds.

“ARHT Media’s Virtual Global Stage and HoloPresence technology are re-humanizing the executive’s virtual performance by allowing multiple presenters from different locations to beam-in and interact with each other in real-time,” Burgess explains. Essentially, this elevated technology form ARHT Media facilitates more accessible meetings for visitors who would otherwise need to travel a long distance, or participants whose in-person presence is inhibited by health risks.

Additionally, this holographic technology is useful for instances where keynote speakers are required to be in two venues at the same time. Instead of making a difficult decision to attend one event over another, lecturers can deliver the same address to several different audiences at once, in real time. With ARHT Media, speakers can interact with an audience in New York and London simultaneously, with no travel. Not to mention, the holographic presence makes public speaking more comfortable for the presenter, as they will not be intimidated by the size of a traditional in-person audience.

The Holoprescence Technology from ARHT Media transcends time and space by allowing presenters to exist in several venues at once, addressing and interacting with multiple audiences at the same time. While in-person conferences are limited to the travel and scheduling capabilities of guest speakers, this advanced technology overcomes the limits of traditional conferences and events. ARHT Media’s technology serves as inspiration for event planners and opens conferences up to high-profile speakers across the world, while inspiring audiences by engaging them with renowned educators. With ARHT Media, users can create an audience connection more powerful than ever.

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