I’ve been waiting patiently since October to write about one of the most interesting experiences I’ve had in a long time – our visit to Bose Corporate Headquarters in Boston. For those of you who have been in the Pro AV industry a long time, you hear the words “factory tour” and you have flash backs of walking miles in hot warehouses, speeches about operational excellence and those signs that read “No Accidents in 213 days!”. This was not the case at Bose, which started at the uber impressive Wall of Patents (which was actually not a wall but a long corridor because there are SO many of them) . I asked our tour guide where he had been before Bose, thinking he would name another audio company and he said, “Finishing my Ph.D at Harvard”. Suffice it to say there are A LOT of REALLY brilliant people at Bose engineering A LOT of brilliant technology.

I had no idea there was an actual Dr. Bose before my trip. He was a professor at MIT and fostered a culture of research, excellence and courage to try new things. You immediately get this strong sense of culture when talking to anyone working there, which thanks to Dr. Bose, remains a privately held company that is dedicated to R&D. We saw it in action in, of all places, the shuttle bus! Look, it’s the Almo event at Bose!


And then, there is a specially designed seat on the shuttle with Bose seat suspension technology, the smoothest ride on the road. Here’s our Director of Business Development, Brian Rhatigan experiencing the ride:


This was the tip of the iceberg. The day was filled with all sorts of amazing experiences.

Ever imagine being in an underground bunker with a couple of hundred speakers going at full blast just to see at what point they fail? Been there, done that.

Ever imagine seeing speakers baked, sea salted, cooled, dropped, kicked, stretched and stressed to the absolute limit? Been there, done that too. You can’t believe the trials and tribulation they put their products through! All to make sure they are providing you with the highest quality products, even in the most outrageous of conditions.

Here we are at the end of the tour in a room that blocks all sorts of signals for specialized testing. Don’t ask me to explain it because after all, I’m in marketing. That’s why we have our audio BDM extraordinare, Rob Ziv.

From left: Brian Rhatigan, Melody Craigmyle & Sam Taylor

Almo ProAV team at Bose Headquarters (from left): Brian Rhatigan, Melody Craigmyle & Sam Taylor

I can’t tell you how excited we are to partner with Bose. And I think our dealers are going to be very impressed with the level of excellence, innovation and support from the folks at Bose plus our team of highly trained account managers. Take a look at Bose’s microsite for learn more.

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