Learning everything about digital signage

There’s a great solution for integrators wanting to learn a lot more about all aspects of Digital Signage. The Digital Signage Federation(DSF) has worked with subject matter experts from around the industry to create over two dozen online classes as part of a micro-credentialing program.  Training covers everything from the basics, to specific topics for hardware, software, scheduling, project planning and content. Courses were developed by Digital Signage Federation members working as volunteers to deliver educational content to industry peers.

Courses are about 30 minutes so they are perfect for learning a topic at whatever pace makes sense. Courses include a short quiz at the end and return a certificate of completion when done. Courses area always being added throughout the year as more contributors add to the growing library.

These courses are limited to DSF members, so you do need to first register yourself or your company to gain access. Once in, there’s hours of courseware available.

Ryan Cahoy, DSF Board Member and Managing Director of Rise Display provides some clarity about how these courses were developed.

“The Digital Signage Federation’s mission is to help our industry grow through ongoing education.  We have a very diverse membership so our approach has been From Members – By Members.  This approach has allowed experts in each field to share their expertise, such as the 2 courses contributed by Almo on interactive content design.  Today we have over 30 active courses with new releases each month.  We would encourage Almo reseller partners to join the DSF to get access to the entire library to and expand their digital signage knowledge.”

Learning about content

As Ryan mentions, I contributed two courses, a basic overview of content and a more advanced course on experiential content. The basic overview provides a good introduction to content creation, content strategy and workflows. The experiential course goes over interactive and dynamic content, both for close up touch screens and more complex at a distance experiences.

Getting involved

The great thing about this program is the DSF is always looking for more content, and they accept multiple contributions on similar topics. If you’re interested in contributing a course, reach out to me and I’ll connect you with the right people at the DSF.

Jim Nista
Senior Director of Content Creation

[email protected]
888-420-2566 x6572

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