With the uncertainty of the current times, most businesses are looking for a way to “bridge the gap”, and AV integration firms are no different.  While some have already made the difficult decision to lay employees off, others are doing what they can to maintain their employee base, and keep them busy with any project to generate revenue.

Because of the previous growth, many AV integration firms focused on low hanging fruit, because it was all they could do to keep up with demand. If nothing else, companies have now been forced to review their current portfolio to determine how they can branch out, or go deeper with their current client base.

Below are a few ideas on how integrators can utilize their current sales staff to engage on selling services that were previously overlooked.  This may provide a way to get them over any current hurdles, as well as build toward the future.

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Because of the fluidity of the COVID-19 pandemic, communication has become even more of a key factor than before.  With the need to get a message out quickly, digital communication has proven most vital.  Clients that hadn’t previously invested in digital signage for internal communication may now see the great value that instant communication provides.  

Adding a few screens around an office where information can be easily and quickly disseminated is now viewed by most as a necessity.  A simple message about upcoming business hours, or even proper hand washing seemingly an afterthought previously is now seen as vitally important.

With many employees now working from home, increased network bandwidth has proven a necessity for business.  The importance of allowing employees to access servers and other assets on the network for a seamless virtual workplace, is now a reality for many.   

The additional benefit digital signage and internet service can provide to the integrator is the ability to build a portfolio that provides a steady stream of recurring revenue.  This is especially beneficial when business isn’t growing as expected, or something as simple as a slow playing client makes cash flow tight.

Most integrators have thought about investing the time and personnel on additional divisions, but because of the lack of experts available, or the consistent growth, they just haven’t.  Now with the market slowdown, adding additional personnel is most likely furthest from their mind. Now for the “antidote” – With numerous services available, Almo is here to help our clients looking to diversify, and find a way to add revenue without adding the expense of additional employees.  

Our expert staff, who help clients navigate a new offering by participating, or even leading a call with the end user, allows our clients to branch out without the hassle and expense of finding their own expert staff.  Contact your Almo rep for additional information on how we can help go deeper with your client and find untapped sources of revenue.

ALMO is here to help. 

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