In the age of the growing hybrid workspace, the ProAV industry is responsible for more than just product fulfillment. At Almo, digital content services have become increasingly popular and necessary for user success, facilitated by company-offered installations and trainings on media player technology.

Historically, Almo’s digital content services have existed separately from product fulfillment, acting as additional product assistance available upon request. After recent updates to Almo’s service program, the professional audio-visual division developed particular SKUs associated with specific product services to increase awareness regarding service offerings for dealers.

Our digital signage services never had a close alignment with the products that we sell, and they operated in their own separate silos,” explained Cory Allen, Almo Director of ProAV Installation Services. “We’re bringing everything together from a hardware perspective, with a solid association between the hardware and the services that we offer

By partnering with Almo, dealers can offer end users assistance with basic and advanced media player set-ups, training on back-end programs, and ongoing support. By providing users with trainings on how to use the system themselves, Almo services help create product experts within various organizations and give control to the end user.
In fact, Allen noticed an increased popularity in trainings rather than traditional installation services following the widespread transition to a hybrid workspace. By encouraging end users to participate in trainings, Almo assists users in becoming more knowledgeable about their technology.

Many people work remotely, and most training techniques greatly serve the remote [and hybrid] function,” said Allen. “Now, there are training opportunities created for people to be more self-serving, and added flexibility is something customers have attached to more.

Despite great success regarding Almo’s updated service process, the team is just getting started in improving dealers’ access to services for their end users.

The amount of effort we’ve put in at its inception has generated a ton of interest, and interest from customers is heightened to a degree we’ve never seen before” explained Allen, in reference to dealer and end user enthusiasm. “The full [services] program should be complete within the next couple weeks, so we can mass market and have collateral tools available to our customers.

The Almo ProAV division looks forward to the increasing interest in the updated service offering system, as the new process creates a simpler and more effective process for dealers.

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