Connected Togetherness.  Millennials are driving the evolution of the hospitality market. And what do they want most?  Connectivity! But we’re not just talking about internet service in the guest room- that’s a given.  They also want to stay connected in spaces throughout a property alongside other guests and hoteliers are taking notice and designers are already a few years into designing-to-suit this trend.  Think of airport lounges- multiple seating groups, no one making eye contact, just a cool environment and the buzz of social togetherness…

What does this mean for integrators?  You can count on more technology like larger size screens in common spaces- that’s for sure.  I recently visited a Renaissance property in Austin that had a 60” screen in the lobby with a gaming system setup for this exact purpose if you can believe it.  This could also be a great environment for a solution like Listen Wi-Fi, a streaming audio solution which enables hotel guests to listen any of a property’s TVs using their own iPhone or Android device.

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