You’re certainly familiar with working in the small to large business space, but what about working with your local government? Government entities are constantly engaged in tech refreshes of their facilities. The cycle takes a bit longer because public monies are being spent; therefore, most projects are sent out to bid. If you’re willing to work through the bid process you’ll be rewarded with a client that will definitely pay their bill at the end of the project!

Government opportunities in audio can come from anywhere: state legislatures, city councils, court houses, boards of education, water authorities, local transportation authorities, state and federal agencies, and non-governmental organizations.

A secure system is a must.

These bodies have some unique requirements. To insure the integrity of the process, the system must be secure, either as a stand-alone system or if on the network, segmented with appropriate network controls such as a separate VLAN, firewall rules, and occasionally a dedicated physical network to move data from point to point.

Most government meetings have a set agenda that must be followed with procedural requirements. A complete system will allow for agenda mapping, voting, documentation and document sharing as well as local and facility-wide/WAN distribution. Legislative chambers have set protocols for participants to discuss and vote on key issues. Data collection ensures accountability on policy making.

Additional requirements for many meetings include controlled microphone activation, electronic voting, audio recording and archiving, and an agenda report. Some require the ability to display agenda and voting information to the audience, video tracking triggered by push-to-talk microphones for live streaming, and paperless document display.

ALMO has partnered with manufacturers uniquely qualified to fulfill these requirements.

Beyer Dynamics’ Quinta wireless conference systems’ product range includes gooseneck mics, revoluto array mics, and a wireless handheld mic unit that has the same functionality as a mic unit. For the government client that requires additional meeting management, Taiden offers a complete solution including voting, document management, video tracking and display. Both systems can provide simultaneous interpretation with additional hardware and appropriate software.

ALMO has the video, distribution and control systems solutions, and the relationships with our manufacturers’ technical support teams to ensure our customers a complete solution for their project.

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