Did you hear?  Panasonic is extending their successful line of entry-level and standard display panels to include more sizes, more features, and more versatility.  This growing line of panels are reliable, and come from a well-established brand like Panasonic – a staple in the audio-visual industry.  You will notice Panasonic’s display form factor has not changed much, if any, over the decades – and that design decision is purposeful.  Simply put, it makes swapping out an older Panasonic display for a new Panasonic display quite easy.  Panasonic is a tried & true brand and a go-to supplier for many, many resellers and integration firms.  Here are some of our favorite go-to models. 

Oh yeah, they also have touch displays and video wall options – but I will save that for another blog write-up for now.  I must share that their product finder is also an excellent tool to find the size and display type needed for your next project. Check it out.   


Let’s talk features!  There are so many great features, but I am going to touch on the ones that I think are more important and show why Panasonic displays are in a league of their own.


Many Panasonic displays employ 4K picture quality to render intricately detailed images. For example, the SQ1 Series features the “12-Axis Color Management function” for ideally faithful color reproduction of digital signage content, and “HDR” compatibility to express a wide brightness range from dark to bright. Equipped with the new Intel® SDM specification slot standard, the SQ1 Series can be combined with an interface board for simple but wide system interoperability.


Here’s a quick summary of the best applications for Panasonic’s multi-series professional display lineup.  SQ1 Series is ideal for signage – portrait or landscape.  The EQ1 is designed for and has features that are ideal for conference & meeting spaces, and this model is budget-friendly, too. And finally yet importantly, the CQ1 Series is ideal for bars and restaurants.  Click here for a rundown of all features and specs. 


One of the best warranties in the Pro AV industry comes from Panasonic.  Their flat panel display products come with a three-year limited warranty with advance replacement.  Yes, 3 years – that is awesome!  To further delight resellers and their customers, Panasonic adds a higher level of protection to their displays with extended support options available for purchase. In addition, if you or your staff require product training or equipment deployment assistance with any Panasonic products, they provide on-site consultation packages. Here are the details.

Flat Panel Advance Swap Program

Professional displays mission critical application are backed up with an exchange program (Hot Swap) included in the standard warranty. This includes:

• Reducing repair turn-around time on your defective display

• Replacement unit sent with two-day expedited shipping

• Shipped anywhere within the continental states

• Applies to all display models purchased after April 2018

• Replacement units are inspected and conditioned at our Panasonic National Repair Center

• Warranty for replacement unit will be a continuation of the defective one being replaced

What you can expect: 

• Two Business Day Delivery

• Support 5 Days a Week (Monday-Friday)

• Free Shipping and Delivery on each instance for the flat panel swap

• Technical Support available 8AM-8PM EST (requests must be received by 12:00PM EST to meet shipping deadlines for delivery

• Same or comparable model provided

• Transportation times for larger display sizes (above 55 inches) may vary due to handling requirements

Panasonic Tech Support experts will manage the logistics of getting the replacement unit to your customers’ locations as well as to pick up the defective unit.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions about the Panasonic panel lineup or any or any of their professional equipment.  I am here to help!

Angie Greene

Business Development Manager, CTS, DSCE

Email: [email protected]
Toll-free: 888.420.2566 x6209
Fax: 267.350.0314

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