Hi All!  First-time blogger here!  As I’ve been pondering what I wanted to share with you, it occurred to me, spring is here and the Education season is right around the corner.  Of course, the other reality hit me “where did Jan., Feb., Mar., and Apr. go this year”…time really does fly.

It’s timely that Panasonic recently introduced a new line of LCD Laser portable projectors specifically designed to support a wide range of education and business applications.  The PT-VMZ series of products offer PT-VMZ40U – 4500 lumens and currently shipping, and

PTVMZ50U – 5000 lumens and just beginning to ship. The next on its way to begin shipping in June (just in time for Education) is the PTVMZ60U – 6000 lumens.  They feature 20,000-hours of consistent brightness and color accuracy.  These lasers feature 1.6x zoom lenses great for short throw-distances and support wide vertical/horizontal lens-shift to achieve flexibility for various installations to include small classrooms, meeting rooms, and limited spaces with multiple projectors.  Panasonic’s DIGITAL LINK connection, based on HDBaseT, transmits video, audio, and control signals through a single LAN cable for distances p to 492’ for Full HD & and 164’ for 4K video.  It makes for a simple and cost-effective installation while delivering consistently high quality video!  If it’s 4500 – 6000 lumens project, Panasonic has a solution for you with this series. I’ve only given you a sampling of the features on the VMZ series.  There are a lot more bells and whistles worthy of your time to check out!  Panasonic is running a mail-in rebate program to receive the wireless module (AJ-WM50) for FREE when purchased from Panasonic authorized dealer.  Please reach out to me if you are interested in learning more about this Panasonic product or others!


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