LG is known for technology that “moves beyond the limits”!  OLED is all the buzz in today’s technology market.  But what is OLED?  “Organic Light Emitting Diod’s” are solid state devices made up of thin films of organic molecules that glow when an electric current is introduced.  When the light passes through the layers, it produces spectacular high definition images.  Simple, right?

OLED’s can provide brighter displays with a crisper image and use less power than an LED or LCD in the process.   LG OLED signage provides 5000 times faster motion picture response time, for perfectly clear images without blurring.   And, LG’s perfect OLED design has only two layers, making their digital signage display unbelievably light-weight and incredibly thin; 4.5 mm at its thinnest point.  Unlike other manufacturers, LG uses advanced four color pixel technology that adds a white pixels to the traditional sub-pixel red, green and blue.

Despite the two layer designs and light-weight, LG OLED signage still delivers an awe inspiring picture quality across the entire screen.  Even from wide viewing angles!  If that’s not enough, self-lighting pixels switch off completely to reproduce black.  OLED gives perfect black!  Some LG OLED models provide curved capability, while maintaining an outstanding viewing angle.

What can you expect from an LG OLED TV panel?   Imagine a picture that is bolder and more lifelike.  That old cliché “you need to see it believe it” really holds true for OLED.  Check it out!


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