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Barco ClickShare 2.0… Reboot

barco1Being a pioneer in the meeting room/conference room collaboration and presentation product development is a tremendous feat. But how do you top yourself when you already have an award winning product with tremendous sales growth? How did Barco outdo itself again?

Well, Barco is introducing the new CS-100 and CSE-200 models that will transition and compliment their existing offerings. They are tapping into new customers and markets at an aggressive price point while continuing to give them the ease of sharing and collaboration during presentations.

feature2The CSM-1, also known as the ClickShare mini has now transitioned into a new model – CSE-200. In addition to the simplicity of Barco’s one-click-wonder, they have completely redesigned the unit with brand new look with all the simplicity of its predecessor. The CSE-200 is taking on the new role of the ClickShare mini and making it even more secure. With updated security embedded into the ClickShare buttons, it becomes even more secure while sharing participant content on the big presentation screen.

feature1Barco also added a new cost-effective model, the CS-100, which is a lower cost unit that has most of the features of the CSE-200. The CS-100 model is priced low to allow any potential end-user to invest in a great platform to share content in their meeting room spaces. This model looks a little different than the CSE-200, with no external antennas and only one USB button to share. But, even with only one button end-users can still use the Barco mobile APP (Android & iOS) that will allow mobile device users to still contribute to the main display.

feature3These two new additions to the Barco family will be sure to complement its big brother, the CSC-1, which is still available for the larger conference rooms that have more participants.

But, the CSC-1 has some fresh news of its own. With a new firmware upgrade, existing CSC-1 ClickShare Classic units can be upgraded to support 4K UHD resolution (with the use of an active DisplayPort to HDMI adapter) and Airplay for iOS 9 devices.

Barco continues to elevate itself in the products they continue to develop for the collaboration and presentation.

For more information on Barco’s ClickShare or to schedule a demo, contact Eric Olson at [email protected] or 888.420.2566 x4082.

Projection: Alive and Well

It seems flat panel displays are virtually everywhere these days and have gotten larger, thinner, lighter, and less expensive than ever.   Not that long ago in applications requiring a large image a projector was the natural choice, however as flat panels have evolved you are now seeing them installed where historically it would have been a projector. I am not denying the benefits of using a flat panel display, but there are many reasons why projection would be the way to go.

For starters, let’s look at image size.   Generally speaking 98” is about the largest flat panel that is readily available at this time.   So in instances where an image of larger than 98” diagonal is required, projection becomes the only option to use for a single display device without the complexity of multi-screen video walls.   This is pretty clear cut, but size is not the only consideration.

BuildingOften audio visual components are integrated into high end architectural spaces including corporate board rooms, lecture centers, training facilities, and more where the display device may not always be in use and for aesthetic reasons the client may not want to “see” the technology in the room.   Most projectors are ceiling mounted and generally out of view or can be installed in a lift that can disappear into the ceiling.   Projection screens also can disappear when not in use by recessing flush into the ceiling.

Another key consideration is cost.   While flat panels have certainly become affordable, however once you get up into the larger sizes above 80”- 90” the costs can still be prohibitive in many cases where projection will often be much more affordable.   For illustration purposes consider a 98” professional grade monitor at a cost of $32,679.00 compared to an installation class projector like the Epson PowerLite Pro G 6770WU which is 1920×1200 resolution at 6000 lumens available at a retail price of $5,699.00.

When it comes to unique display applications there are times when a flat panel display is simply not an option.   Think about events where you have projection on floor surfaces or on buildings.   With projection mapping some really unique projects can be pulled off.   A really cool example of this was recently featured in a case study on the basketball arena at Pensacola Christian College using Epson Pro G projectors:


Both flat panel displays and projectors have their pros and cons, however projection is still and will continue to be a great choice for many display applications.  For assistance in selecting the right Epson projector or to learn more, contact Brian Rhatigan at [email protected] or 888.420.2566 x6546.

Your Competitor’s 30-Year Secret

Bose_icon1What is the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the name Bose Professional?

Remember that thought.

Ironically, even when emphasizing the word Professional in the name, Bose has such a strong brand image that as member of the Pro AV industry, you still may have thought of a specific consumer product. If you are a typical end user reading this, you may have been thinking about a high end audio brand in general. Bose Professional may be one of the best kept secrets in the Pro AV market – and this has been true for almost 30 years. Those in the know realize that Bose Professional is comprised of diverse products that are designed and built specifically for the Pro AV market. These are not rehashed consumer units at all.

Bose professional division’s backing from the larger Bose organization certainly helps when it comes to providing R&D resources, along with testing and support. In a similar manner Lamborghini, Porsche, Bentley, Audi, and Bugatti all receive backing from their parent company. If you knew Volkswagen owns all these companies, would you now look at a Lamborghini Aventador, Porsche 911, Audi R8, or Bugatti Chiron and say they are just VW Beetles in disguise? Probably not.

Bose Professional’s research extends into both their products and their go-to-market strategies; with a focus on positive outcomes for the dealer/integrator and the end user. The decision to leverage the Bose name on the professional side of the company makes sales easier and increases the likelihood of favorable customer responses to proposals. Bose Professional’s installed products are not available online; reducing price shopping from customers. The portable products with limited online availability have strict MAP policies providing further protection. I have seen Bose go to great lengths to protect projects for dealers that specify their products for design build projects. The way Bose conducts business by itself makes them worthy of consideration for projects.

I remember being introduced to Bose Professional during the late 80’s when working for a Pro AV dealer / studio design company. It took me a while to look beyond Bose as the manufacturer of the then-popular Wave Radio, but I am glad I did. In retrospect, I understand why the pro division has stayed a secret for so long. Bose has become the competitive advantage offered by many dealers and they don’t want their competition to know. Until recently, Bose was only available via a restricted direct reseller program. Almo’s value added distribution model has earned us the ability to provide Bose Professional to qualified resellers.

There is a lot of value in the line from both a technical and business perspective. If you want to learn more, check out a replay of the webinar introducing the Bose Professional line, take a look at the microsite or reach out to your Almo account manager. As always, feel free to contact me directly. There is more to the story that you will want to know.


For assistance in selecting the right Bose® Professional product for your next install, contact Rob Ziv at [email protected] or 888.420.2566 x6589.

Video Wall Refresh: A Makeover With Opportunity


NEC’s complete 46″ 2×2 LCD TileMatrix™ Digital Video Wall Solution

So when did your end user last consider refreshing an older video wall? What a great question. I bet most end users consider replacing or reconfiguring video walls a prohibitive exercise of expense for soft dollar returns. In other words, it’s about metrics related to advertising attention or informational effectiveness. But soft dollars are challenging to measure and hard for integrators to include in project proposals designed to convince end users.

But today there’s more! When advances in large display panel technology, mount designs, content software, signal distribution, and control are combined with lower purchase, implementation, and operational costs, a “perfect storm” of hard cost justification opportunity begins to form. Add in the possibility that the end user’s current video wall may be fully depreciated as a capital expense, and BINGO! ….. dealers and integrators have a great pitch to sell.

In the coming month, Almo ProAV will be reviewing the opportunities with Video Wall Refresh. In the meantime, here are some quick items to consider:


NEC’s 90″ Large Screen E905

  • Energy Savings: Today’s panels are much more efficient in operation, substantially reducing energy costs. Those savings alone can nearly justify a whole project.
  • Advanced Design and Features: One example is ambient light sensors that provide auto dimming. Another example is High Brightness (high nit) panels for high ambient light environments
  • Lower Install Costs: Today’s mount designs reduce install time. Easy to use color calibration tools reduce install time as well
  • Lower Large Format Display Costs: Perhaps consider a single 90”+ display rather than a 2×2 wall, for example

Look for discussion guide to Video Wall Refresh in the coming months.

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