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With fall around the corner and summer travel wrapping up, it’s a great time to consider improvements or upgrades that can be made outside the guestroom of your property. Including video walls, audio, connectivity, outdoor furniture, commercial appliances, and much more, there are a variety of products that can be upgraded to improve the guest experience, increase revenue, or save costs for you.

One big way to add a wow-factor to your hotel public space is to install a video wall. You can create stunning displays to impress the guests or use them to advertise new features and places around your property or local areas. If this is something you had quoted in the past, there are now multiple out-of-the-box, all-in-one solutions from companies like Absen and LG, along with several others. In addition to an easier install process, dvLED costs have come down considerably. With these two factors, it’s a great time to revisit them – or consider for the first time. If you don’t have the space for a video wall, a single new digital signage panel with an easier to use content management system is another option for advertising or interesting digital displays.

hospitality solutions for pro av and appliances
If you’re a property with conference rooms or event spaces, it’s important to ensure that all your audio, display, and connectivity is up to date, as this can really increase the appeal to visitors and encourage return visits. Many companies have lots of remote places, so they are looking to rent or have places to stay to host big company events. There are lots of items from Barco and Legrand that make connecting laptops and pairing phones to a display much easier for your guests. Having current technology in these spaces makes for a much more appealing experience for the guest.

With many people who travel in groups, they like to spend time together in the public space. With appealing, eye-catching outdoor furniture, you can create a fun environment for them to spend time together and create memories, leading them to talk highly of your property about their trip. Besides creating nice areas to gather, you can take these spaces further with outdoor TVs and great audio, so your guests can enjoy a big event together, as well.

One last thing to consider is the appliances in the back of house, and even the front of house. New merchandisers with colorful LEDs and features can create displays to showcase products in the lobby or restaurant areas. The BOH appliances should be looked at, as well, if they haven’t been upgraded in a while. Having newer commercial appliances which meet NSF standards, control temperature, and are energy efficient will help you meet codes, control energy costs, and prevent untimely breakdowns in a busy situation.

All of these items are carried and in-stock at Exertis Almo, so I encourage you to reach out to your representative to learn more about how we can help you improve spaces outside of the guestroom.

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Exciting New QSR Solutions from LG

Exertis Almo’s Pro AV Podcast with LG Business Solutions

Hot or Cold? 🥵🥶 Enjoy this gamified Exertis Almo ProAV Podcast discussion with guests Michael Ha and David Boerlin (from LG) + Jennifer Fisher (BDM at Exertis Almo) on Quick Serve Restaurant (QSR) technologies including AI, automated POS, robots, and LG digital signage – including LG’s new Self-ordering Kiosk.

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Jennifer Fisher

Jennifer Fisher

Business Development Manager

Supported Manufacturers: LG Business Solutions (SW, W, NW)

Everything You Need to Know About LG’s dvLED

Exertis Almo’s Pro AV Podcast with LG

In this episode of Exertis Almo’s Pro AV Podcast, Bruce Moses, Senior Account Manager of dvLED Products at LG, discusses everything you need to know about Direct View LED. From pixel pitch and viewing distance to budget considerations and maintenance, this episode provides a detailed introduction into the advanced technology behind LG’s dvLED.

As a top-quality choice for any kind of new build or replacement, dvLED is quickly becoming a go-to product in the Pro AV world. With simple installation and maintenance compared to traditional video walls, dvLED is being rapidly integrated in a variety of spaces.

“It’s a technology that’s been around for decades, but now, with the affordability and flexibility and range in product and pixel sizes we can apply it in almost any application,” explained Moses. “Whether it’s in Times Square or a super high-end home theater, we’re seeing direct view applied.”

Compared to standard video walls and LED displays, dvLED allows for more flexible decisions regarding pixel pitch, which determines the distance between each pixel on a display. While most users prefer a standard 4K resolution, dvLED encourages customers to choose their pixel pitch based on the expected viewing distance of a display. By catering to viewing distance, LG’s dvLED technology ensures that customers do not waste pixels when investing in a display, but instead, take the viewing distance into account.

136″ All-in-One DVLED Display: Bright, Brilliant, Breathtakingly Large Images

Rob Ziv

Along with unique options for pixel pitch, LG’s dvLED comes with a cost-conscious price tag. LG’s all-in-one products are delivered in a single flight case, including the mount, and with simple installation and maintenance, dvLED is now a less expensive investment compared to standard video walls. In the event of a malfunctioning panel on a video wall, this replacement involves a team of people with a full shut-down of the display. With dvLED displays, a panel replacement can be completed by a single person in a matter of minutes.

Moses discusses the impressive web OS technology incorporated into LG’s dvLED, along with the display’s ease-of-use and efficient maintenance. As a convenient built-in operating system, web OS allows users to access applications for menu boarding, digital signage, wayfinding, analytics, and much more.

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Tech Tips with Tom Kehr | LG pt 2 – The Quick Differences

In part 2 of the Exertis Almo Tech Tips with LG video, Tom Kehr, Systems Designer & Trainer at Exertis Almo, and Dan Baker, Technical Business Development Manager at LG discuss savvy solutions for conference rooms, education, and work spaces.

43″ 3840 x 2160 One Quick Series LED Backlit LCD Large Format Monitors


LG’s 43HT3WJ-B is the all-in-one display for simple and quick video calls. With LG One:Quick Flex’s 43-inch all-in-one display complete with built-in camera, microphones and speakers, there’s no need to stress over online meetings and calls and no more inconvenience of connecting to and setting up video conferencing. Simplicity meets effective collaboration with touch and drawing. Equipped with In-Cell touch technology, the One:Quick Flex turns ideas into reality. With a dedicated touch pen, taking notes and drawing is easy. Work can be saved as files, and easily shared via mobile phone. On the move? This monitor is easy to transport with a movable stand. The One:Quick Flex can be used anywhere indoors where it can be moved by wheels.

Tom Kehr

Tom Kehr

CTS-D, CTS-I, Network+, LEED Green Associate, ISF-C, ATD Master Trainer

In-House System Designer and Trainer

Supported Applications: System Design

Tech Tips with Tom Kehr | LG pt 1 – How Quick? One:Quick

In Part 1 of Exertis Almo Tech Tips with LG video, Tom Kehr, Systems Designer & Trainer at Exertis Almo, and Dan Baker, Technical Business Development Manager at LG discuss how to achieve less hassles with all-in-one video conferencing solutions.

Less hassles with all-in-one video conferencing solutions from LG.

55″ 3840 x 2160 One Quick Series LED Backlit LCD Large Format Monitors


Video conferencing setup doesn’t need to be stressful. This all-in-one solution features a built-in Windows PC, crisp 4K UHD camera, microphone, speaker and a digital whiteboard. Experience clear video and sound qualities in your meetings.

Tom Kehr

Tom Kehr

CTS-D, CTS-I, Network+, LEED Green Associate, ISF-C, ATD Master Trainer

In-House System Designer and Trainer

Supported Applications: System Design

The Dawn of a New Day: How Exertis Almo Pro A/V Took Over InfoComm 2022

After 3 long years, InfoComm finally returned as the Pro AV industry descended upon the Las Vegas Convention Center June 8th through the 10th. Having experienced a cancellation in 2020 and a scaled-back version in 2021, you could instantly feel the excitement surrounding the show and the joy of being around colleagues again in-person. Although the temperatures outside routinely reached 110+ degrees, the buzz inside of the Convention Center was far hotter! To add to this excitement, this event marked the official launch of the new Exertis Almo Pro AV, as the two companies have integrated into one. We have traded our Almo blue shirts in exchange for Exertis Almo red, and dare I say, our booth could be seen from one side of the North Hall to the other. Never been to InfoComm before? Allow me to describe why it remains a must-see industry event for Pro AV.

The week started off very quickly with the Exertis Almo-sponsored Opening Reception on Tuesday evening, which was held at the Hard Rock Café. Complete with cigar rolling, giveaways, and our always-famous Bourbon and Bacon tasting, the evening was definitely the kick-off to the entire show! We had multiple vendor sponsors in attendance, including Samsung, Legrand, LG, Sharp NEC, Absen, BrightSign, Yamaha, Epson, and Jabra, along with a bustling crowd of customers so large that wait times grew just to get in! Later in the week, a vendor informed me that he overheard people in the elevator talking about how excited they were to attend, so it sounds like our marketing team knocked it out of the park, as usual!

Exertis Almo marketing and events team at InfoComm 2022
Avocor at InfoComm 2022

Fast-forward to the opening of the trade show floor. The expo ran from the 8th through the 10th, and all 3 days offered the kind of value that you can only find at InfoComm. When walking in for our morning booth tour, you immediately noticed the registration line wrapping around corners, and attendees were excited to be out amongst their colleagues and partners. Remember how I said our booth could be seen from one end to the next? Well, when your logo is bright red and your booth is multiple stories, it definitely stands out! Featuring multiple private meeting spaces as well as several featured vendors and additional meeting tables on the show floor, the Exertis Almo booth had something for everyone. You cannot attend an AV event without featuring a little “A” and a little “V”. To help achieve this, we had displays from Samsung, Sony, Absen, LG, and Avocor, along with various audio solutions

from Yamaha UC, Nureva, Jabra, and others, all present in our booth demoing the latest and greatest in their product lineups. In fact, several other vendors made sure to come by to visit and offer their feedback on the impressive attendance at our booth. What really differentiated us from others was very clear – our team. Quite frankly, the sight of 25+ red shirts was impressive, but once you realize that our team came from throughout the US, Canada, and even Europe, it showed just how powerful the new Exertis Almo will be moving forward.

The crux of any InfoComm has always been the meetings. Getting to sit face-to-face with customers, vendors, rep firms, end users, or even colleagues of past and present offers the most value for any attendee. You cannot normally find all of these folks under one roof, so it’s always imperative to take advantage of everyone’s presence. My meetings certainly fell into this spectrum, and each one provided me the chance to either learn or educate. One minute I was sitting with a customer from the northeast, describing our service offerings to uncover new opportunities, and the next minute I was walking through the West Hall, meeting with the VP of Audio from Harman Professional Solutions and learning about their strategy for the next few years. The ability to have these varying level of discussions will always be beneficial to all attendees.

Not to be outdone, we have to talk about the products and technology. After all, it is a technology showcase, right? Any chance you have to get up close and personal should always be seized, because that is how the real learning is done! You can attend launch calls, webinars, and multiple PowerPoint Zooms, OR you can stand in a demo room while an audio engineer demonstrates why their product outshines the rest, all while cranking the volume to 10. Talk about an “a-ha moment”! Not only were there two halls filled with vendors, but there were also multiple private demo rooms dedicated to some of the best in the audio field. Harman’s space was filled with AMX collaboration tools, installed audio products like ceiling speakers and amplifiers, as well as a small showcase of their latest product introductions. However, the real eye catcher was the large truss at the front of the room, containing the new SRX900 series powered arrays. This new product has been very well-received since its recent launch, so to see it and experience it live was definitely a perk of the week. Other impressive booths I saw were from Legrand, BrightSign, Sharp NEC, and Panasonic. While I wasn’t able to dive too deeply into each, you could tell there was a great deal of planning that went into the designs of each booth, on top of the products being featured.

I love about product discussions at InfoComm happen organically. These aren’t your typical trade-show-level sales pitches where the vendor is trying to close a deal. This is someone who is there to educate you on what their products with a legitimate interest in you receiving value. I experienced this personally with Tom Roberts, Channel Manager from Jabra. Tom spent the week in the Exertis Almo booth, and as crowds started to wind down on Thursday, I approached him to strike up a conversation about their consumer products with which I was familiar. By the time we were done with the 35-minute talk, I had learned more about their line of conferencing cameras, like the Panacast and Panacast 50, than I had previously known. That is where the value lies!

And of course, we can’t forget the parties! The opening reception was only the tip of the iceberg to the Peerless AV–sponsored “Glow Up the Night” party on Wednesday. Held at the Zouk Night Club, the preferred attire was bright colors which matched the venue’s bright lights and glow-sticks, necklaces, and more. Exertis Almo had their own private VIP section, and the night lived up to all expectations amongst the attendees! While I will be the first to admit I am no longer the “late nighter” I used to be, everyone who closed the party down certainly didn’t regret a thing. Everyone had a tremendous time indeed.

If you aren’t already impressed by all that InfoComm has to

LG sponsored at InfoComm 2022

offer, I saved the best for last. As the now-combined Exertis Almo Pro AV, our team took home the rAVe award for Favorite Distributor for a 10th consecutive year…YES, I said 10th! When we say Best in Class, we mean it! For all the work our collective teams do day-in and day-out, this was the icing on the cake.

After traveling to Las Vegas for my 10th time and attending my 3rd InfoComm, this one was the best. The past couple of years were certainly a challenge, but the second you step off the plane and see the InfoComm banner hanging in the airport, you know you are ready for the exciting events to come! I look forward to InfoComm 2023 in Orlando, FL, and hope to see even more first-timers attending the experience!

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