In 2002 Panasonic introduced the first truly affordable digital progressive scan camera with the release of the AG-DVX100. The camera recorded in SD format, with a 4:3 aspect ratio. Later came the AG-HVX200, which provided 24p, 1080p HD or 720p video formats. These cameras were game changers for their time. The popular show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was shot using the DVX100, proving it’s value to broadcast professionals.

This year Panasonic has done it again with the introduction of the AG-DVX200 4K/60 P large format camera. The camera records “high quality video in cinematic DCI 4K 4096 x 2160 at 24p, UHD 4K 3840 x 2160 (60p/30p24p), FHD (including 120 fps and 24p) as well as SD”.

As more and more television productions are shot in 60p UHD, the AG-DVX200 is there to meet the demand. In addition to its 4K production quality, the camera’s 4/3 format provides the shallow depth of field usually reserved for film. The V-Log L 12 stop aperture and variable frame rate (up to 120fps) gives the videographer more latitude to shoot in less than perfect lighting conditions.

Read on for eight reasons why anyone can shoot video like a boss with this camera.

Reason #1:  Stop the shakes!

The camera also includes a 5-axis hybrid image stabilizer, manual or auto focus, iris and zoom.  XLR audio inputs, HDMI (4K), 3G SDI (HD or SD only), and standard definition composite outputs.  Because the sensor is larger than those in the past, the camera itself is a bit bigger than earlier versions.

Reason #2:  Spot on Color

The electronic viewfinder is OLED. The camera also has a waveform monitor and vectorscope on board to ensure correct color balance and brightness levels.

Reason #3:  V-LOG!

Earlier Panasonic cameras had an upgrade available to owners who wanted the option to incorporate V-log into their productions. The AG-DVX200 now has V-log L as a standard feature. V-log “allows for a wider dynamic range of luminance information that is more in line with how the human eye sees”. This means more shadow and highlight details, closer to film than video.

Reason #4:  Plenty o’ Memory!

The camera can record to two SDHC or SDXC memory cards. The SDHC can record up to 32 GB of video, the SDXC can record up to 2 TB of video! The SDXC card is 13 times faster than a SDHC card, allowing for UHS speed class 3 for high-speed data transfer, this enables 4K/24p, UHD/60p, and VFR recording. Approximately 160 minutes of 4K/24p data can be recorded onto a 128 GB SD memory card, or a scene of about 110 minutes of UHD/60p data. (A 64 GB SD memory card will hold approximately 80 minutes of 4K/24p data, or about 55 minutes of UHD/60p data.) Another great option on this camera is that you can record in two different formats, such as HD and UHD at the same time.

Reason #5:  Dueling Codecs!

Images can be simultaneously recorded into two different formats, Main & Sub. The Sub Rec File can be used for tasks such as previews, offline editing, and internet data transfers. Dual recording is provided with two modes, an FHD 50M mode and an FHD 8M mode.

Reason #6:  2 Channel Digital Audio Recording!

PCM format for MOV/MP4 formats or Dolby Digital AVCHD format is available from the built in mic, mic or line inputs. Level adjustments are available directly on the camera.

The Panasonic AG-DVX200 is a versatile video tool that deserves serious consideration by the videographer looking to upgrade to 4K.

Reason #7:  Affordability

Panasonic is offering a $400.00 rebate on the sale of this camera to end users through the end of September!

Reason #8:  That’s a latte features in a camera

The AG-DVX200 will be at our upcoming E4 events. Visit the Panasonic booth for a hands-on tour of this amazing camera and receive a $5.00 Starbucks gift card (while supplies last).

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