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by | Feb 17, 2017

I recently spent a “date night” with my husband watching the beautifully shot widescreen CinemaScope, LA LA LAND.

The vivid colors, dancing, and music brought my thoughts to a time when movies were “silent”.   Imagine how less invigorating the movie would have been without sound.  It would definitely have fallen short of expectations.

The same can be said for specific Pro AV solutions.  Think of how much more engaging they would be, with sound.  Audio enhances the way the audience will perceive certain scenes.  Picture a silent video clip with trees blowing in the wind.   Do you have a visual?  Now, add sound.  Suddenly the image provides boosts of emotion.  It can create an implication; even stimulate a feeling.

Too often, audio gets bumped down the priority list.  Not adding enhanced options could result in an experience that falls short of expectations.

The good news is it’s relatively easy to ensure a positive audio experience during video communications or digital signage solutions.  Many of the audio business opportunities are “hidden”.   Your customers are not asking for audio, yet the vast majority of their solutions need audio.

So how do you spot these opportunities?

You look for clues.  When you inquire about the location of the installation, you find the key to open the door to new opportunities.  Audio solutions enhance environments like showrooms, restaurants, casinos, theme parks, waiting rooms, convention centers, trade shows and museums.  Consumers are inspired by what they see and hear.  Adding audio capabilities to digital signage should be a natural partnership.  Adding audio gives you the ability to be appealing, as opposed to repetitive.

Are there best practices to using sound?

According to a past article in the Digital Signage Insider, there are guidelines for not only when, but how to use sound.

1. Don’t rely on sound alone to make your message.
2. Use audio to punctuate on an already strong and compelling visual message
3. Make sure your audio supports the same points as your video (it’s a partnership)
4. Audio enhances Visual

Adding audio capabilities to digital signage can definitely help your business grow.  As we dive into 2017, remember to put the “A” back into “AV” when mapping out your digital signage.

Please join ALMO PRO AV on February 23rd, for our company webinar entitled “AV Starts with Audio”

Develop solutions to help leverage the human experience of sight and sound.  By leaving the audio out of the solution, you are missing opportunities to build your business, leaving revenue opportunities in LA LA LAND.

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