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by | Sep 29, 2016

IncheonAirport_OLEDSignage_02 (1)The popularity of video walls in in the Pro/AV industry is exploding.  The market is competitive and selecting the best video wall solution may feel overwhelming.  Video walls can be configured in an infinite range of shapes, sizes and technology.  With LG’s Commercial Display Portfolio that targets all vertical markets you can create stunning video walls that are easily installed, maintained and managed.  LG offers a Commercial Display Portfolio that targets all vertical markets.

Most of us are comfortable talking about LCD (liquid crystal display) flat panels.   We see this technology every day in computer monitors, smart phones and TVs.  They are cost effective and high resolution.  This makes displaying text images and video aesthetically pleasing. Typically though, their bezel width is visible, so when you are creating a video wall, the “big picture” is far from seamless.

Direct view LED panels are bezel free, so you can create different configurations for a seamless video wall.  They are great for large scale digital signage solutions due to their efficiency, reliability, refresh rates and color accuracy.

CommDisplay_OLED_v1_300x250 BannerOLED or “Organic Light Emitting Diod’s” are solid state devices made up of thin films of organic molecules that glow when an electric current is introduced.  When the light passes through the layers, it produces spectacular high definition images.   LG’s perfect OLED design has only two layers, making their digital signage display unbelievably light-weight and incredibly thin; 4.5 mm at its thinnest point.

Image Gap reduction from LG provides a beautiful, crisp clear picture… without image distortion.

As the content moves from one screen to another, and the picture is shared across multiple screens, look to LG for the distortion-free “BIG PICTURE” every time.

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